Stickmen Of Arcadia: Ep01

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Tonight...we dine...in...ihop.



The jokes were funny and the animation was cool and everything..I can not wait for episode 2.Oh and in episode 2 get audicity so it sounds better.lol

LittleBigG responds:


Funny, but needs work

Well, the jokes on this are pretty good, but I wouldn't say that they're exactly award winning, but it's a nice start. Perhaps a little work is required on the colouring and then again with the voice acting - two people don't make for very good cast if they can't do a good range of voices. I'd certainly suggest a lot more masculine voice for the King next time as well.

Still, there are plenty of voice actors available to the discerning user on Newgrounds :)

I think that with the way you've given us a half-decent flash, you can certainly take this a lot further - the drawing style is nice and can be made to look a lot better for relatively little extra effort. It's good to see that you can poke fun at your own shortcomings, but with that extra effort, I think you would be rewarded far more than like you would be for performing to some sort of Mel Brooks style joke.

[Review Request Club]

LittleBigG responds:

thnx for the tips , Ill work on my flash.


i chuckled a couple of times but thats only because the cows looked like testicles.
try to be serious when u submit a flash next time okay.

bad animation

terrible audio

not that funny

LittleBigG responds:

blimey m8, i`ve been workin on dis for 6 yearrssss.... and this is wat u giv me.
lawl, jus jk-took a few minutes. thx btw.

Pretty awesome

Animation wise, it wasn't as good as what is expected of animation nowadays, but it just added to the humor itself.
The crude drawings were pretty funny, aside from the clever jokes and whatnot.
It was really good, and I can't wait for episode 2

LittleBigG responds:

thnx i love u.kidn

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2.27 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2009
3:42 PM EDT
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