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Metal Arena 2

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AWSD or arrow keys to move.
Aim and shoot with the mouse.
1-5 to change weapons.
P for pause.

Kill all the enemies that non stop coming!
Have fun =)

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same thing

good game, but a few changes would be perfect

its ok

its but it could be easier seriously after 1 level up i was dead

This is kewl

but kinda hard, I like how you added more environments and leveling up. but there's a ton of eneimes and I ended up getting gangbanged in the end rofl XD

can't wait to see more from you =D

Very nice


Thanks for letting me know about this one!

- Interesting level system as well. You put the SMB power-up sound in there, lol.

- I noticed that after you close the level up window, you lose control of the tank. You have to click on the game area to regain control. Quite inconvenient if you're in a pinch, or a large number of enemies decide to engage. (-: It should automatically restore control to the tank.

This really becomes a problem if you are moving at the time you level up. After you close the window, you tank continues to move in the direction it was moving before the window opens up, and it becomes "locked" in that direction.

- The music was much more appropriate, and you can control sound and music separately. I spent time playing with all four possible combinations. :-P (Music with no sounds always seems like a music video to me. :-P )

- What is the vertical bar along the left side of the screen for?

- Tank still moves weird when turning, it it's kinda funny . :-P

- Although I could not make it past the first arena, but it's still pretty good.

Many improvements over your first installment. :-)

- Ziro out.

matakukos responds:

Hi! , thanks for your feedback :)
The bar is the progress of the level.

itz hard

yes it is but i do like it tho the game is good but really hard it leaves you wanting more when u do die so yea good job keep it up