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Whistle Evaluator

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Author Comments

My account is dead. This seems to be one of my highest rated submissions, so instead I suggest you go and check out my new account, I will be posting a new version there with all the suggestions you told me, plus with the new NG design! :)


New account: http://lemon42.newgrounds .com/
Newgrounds Whistle Evaluator
Version 1.02
Blow your whistle on ten reviews (in the game) and check your score :)
Has the old NG theme.
Last change : Updated the names of the whistles (Deity and Garbage/Broken)

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I got bronze.


Thanks for making me a better whistler! This should be mandatory for new users to look at.

coocooletmoi responds:

Totally! Please check out my new account, thanks :)

Extremely Helpful!

This flash is a very nice reference for those who don't know which they should choose, and is good to show those who abuse their whistle how they should.

Next time, (if there is) you should add more reviews to judge, eliminate the pattern, (I recognized a pattern in the reviews... kinda like this Helpful, Useless, Abusive twice, then Useless...repeat.) and make a random set of reviews appear so you never compare the same ones to another, or try to cheat... it would help make you become a better whistle blower too... (oh yes and randomize the order in which they appear, that'd help, it is too much of a quiz currently)
Thanks, I hope you consider this... (if I left anything out, I'm just in a rush)

coocooletmoi responds:

I am now using a new account, where I will post an updated new version with everything suggested in these reviews. Thanks!


Random... but i guess a littl helpful... nice flash!

coocooletmoi responds: