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Well a lot of you are probably wondering why this game is called "Platypus", nothing about it suggests that it should involve an platypi. And in fact, no platypi were involved in the making of this game; "Platypus" was just the "witty" developement name for this game which is a PLATformer. Funny right? Not really. Anywho, this was made with Tony Pa's tile based platformer engine (check it out if you haven't), mainting the original graphics, so those aren't mine. The levels I designed myself, save the first one, which was made by him. As you will quickly discover, there aren't very many levels. Or music. Or anything else fantastic. Well, all of these levels take a fantastic amount of time, and I though I would run it by my fellow NGer's before putting hours and hours of my time into it. Simply put; if this game isn't blammed too hard, then expect a better version in the not-so-distant future, complete with more levels, better graphics, and other good stuff. Still looking for suggestions! If you like this game, but think it could be better, let me know in your review, and I'll try and incorporate that in the following version



Not too great

This game had several problems.
With biggest one being the lack of sound.
So please try better.
And give a story other than having us work our way up to a room that says "win".

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PacoNixon responds:

Already part of my plans to improve it :)

You could do better.

This game would be better if you put more level,a story, better graphics, more enemies and a few boss battles. Maybe more guns, like the pistol, uzi, shotgun, and auto rifle.But most of all make it harder. Also I'd like up to jump and space to shoot.

PacoNixon responds:

Yah, more levels, a story, and new/better enemies are at the top of my list. I'll look into making new guns/gun upgrades. Not positive how I would do that, but it sounds good. The control change is already in the works.


its not too bad. i dont know what the characters are but its a fun game. and by the way, what program did you use to make this?

PacoNixon responds:

I'm not toatlly sure I understand, I used Adobe Flash CS4. Is there anything other than Flash I could have used to make it?

Could be much, much worse.

Simple graphics, okay. Simple engine, okay. My suggestions: give us more than one life, or a level code, or something. Use a black background for the rest of the screen so it doesn't feel like a mistake that there's nothing there. And personally I'd really prefer the up arrow for jump and space for shoot. I mean, c'mon -- shift for shoot? That's just being cruel.

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PacoNixon responds:

Good idea, the one life thing was getting on my nerves too. Black background; sounds good. Control change: general agreement is that Up should be jump, and space should be shoot. I didn't realize how bad the controls are because I'm used to using a tiny keyboard where nothing is really a stretch :)

you got something here

definatly in it's beta stage here, but i think this could and should be a much larger and better game. little confused why a platypus can shoot though... but yes, music, sfx, more levels and better graphics and you got yourself a decent game. maybe a plot line too?
the only thing is, it's not really that origional. it needs a hook, something to seperate it from the rest. good luck with this, i'll be waiting to see what comes of it.

PacoNixon responds:

Thanks, definately gonna help me in the long run.

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2.00 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2009
10:19 AM EDT
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