Virtual Classical Guitar

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You have the option to play the guitar with your keyboard, thus you can tab out songs for the keyboard, like so

Intro of Lonely day - System of a Down

-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
----------u-------- ----------y--------- --------u---------- ----------y-------
--------3---3------ --------3--3------- ------1---1-------- -------2----2-----
----w--------w--- -----w------w---- ----w------w----- ------w--------w--
-a------------------ -------------------- --f----------------- --d----------------
-------------------- --c---------------- -------------------- --------------------

Intro of One - Metallica
------------------ ------------------ -------------------- ------------------
------------------ ------------------ -------------------- ------------------
----------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
----r----Tab--- ------r----Tab-- -----r-----Tab--- ----r---Tab--1-
-d----d-------- ------------------ -d----d---------- ---------------------
---------------- --c-----c---------- ------------------ -c----c------------

------------------ ----------------- -------------------- -------------------
----------------- ------------------ -------------------- -------------------
---------------- ------------------- ------------------- --------------------
---r----Tab-- -------r----Tab-- -----r-----Tab---- ------------d---d-
d----d------- ----a----a-------- --d----d---------- ----------------x----
--------------- ------------------- -------------------- --Space-----------

Intro of When the smoke is going down - Scorpions

-------8-------0-8-7-- ---8-----------7--------
---------o-----------o- ------o-----------o-----
-------------3---------- ---------3-----------3--
--Tab----------------- -------------------------
----------------------- ---s-----------f---------
------------------------ -------------------------

Intro of Californiacation - Red hot chili peppers

-------------- --------------------- ----------------------
--------y-u-- --------------------- ---------------------
-------------- --------------------- -----1--3-----------
----w------- --w--tab-w-tab-- -------------tab-----
-a----------- --------------------f- ----f------------f----
------------- ---------------------- -z--------------------

Intro of Pork & Beans - Weezer


When you see the word "tab" you play the key tab and same with the word "space" you press the space bar.

Have fun!


I love it

But please put on the intro for Link - System of a Down
I wuv that song

very cool

A recording feature would make this even more cool. I sat a long time messing with this and trying tabs.

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Hayaser responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the review, ya would be sweet to have it record, got to look in to that

Should add

You should add complete song notes or keys

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this game lags a bit. tis very hard to play if its off.

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Hayaser responds:

It sometimes lags during note changes, that is the keyboard response, it isn't lagging for me when i play a note though.

Good, but not better than my own guitar!

This game is good, but I wonder the notes come from GUITAR, not piano.

Hayaser responds:

Are you asking if the notes i used are from a real guitar? if so no, they are generated with pitch control, maybe the generated sound was from a real guitar but then the pitch was shifted around with the computer

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Apr 19, 2009
1:19 AM EDT
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