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wasd = to move , space = attack , shift = defens , mouse = interactive & magic ,


Good start!

It well become better with time!

Needs a Lot More Work


There is still _much_ improvement to be made here. (-:

- It appears that the left and right walking animations for the player are reversed (legs are moving backward, but character advances forward). :-P

- I do like how the player go "behind" bushes and what not.

- When text appears on the screen (names of locations, when you collect items, etc.), please consider making them last a bit longer, as well as standing out more, so they are easier to see.

- I noticed that if I get hit while I am attacking, the "hit" sound rapidly repeats itself several times. Not sure if this is by design or not, but it seems odd.

- You may want to consider the arrow keys in addition to WASD keys for movement, or perhaps, allow the player to set their own key for each action the character can perform.

- There appears to be a glitch in the MochiAds. Seems the ads and the game load simultaneously. Quite peculiar:

a). The game loads, and the title appears for a split second, then it goes straight into the main gameplay.
b). Next, the Mochi-Ads just comes in and takes over. :-P
c). When I click "Skip this Ad", the ad disappears, but then the game quits and returns to the title screen. :-P

- Nice job adding Mute for music. (-:

- In the La Piza of Kordius Town, when I go into the Storage Room and walk along the little hallway there, my character "jags" around. Hope that makes sense. You may want to take a look and check how you're doing your collision testing, and what not.

- I noticed that, in your clock in the upper-right corner of the screen, when a minute has passed, the seconds indicator only stays on the 0 for a _very_ short time before incrementing to 1. Also, you should pad the seconds indicator with a 0 when it is in single digits, as in "00", "01", "02", etc., to look more like a clock. (I am assuming that the indicator on the right is for seconds. My bad if it's not; maybe it's the minutes indicator [for "game time", etc]).

- Nice how it turns from day to night, although it gets a bit too difficult to see at night. It looks like you merely dimmed everything. I would consider changing it to a dark-blue looking environment, to give a better impression of nighttime.

- When you level up, you should make that apparent. I was on level 3 and didn't even know it, lol. Furthermore, perhaps consider displaying how much EXP is required to reach teh next level.

- I noticed, my time was 20:7. When I took a rest, it was then 26:7. When I went to the next screen, then appeared to correct itself by displaying 0:7.

- Is there a way to assign a button to an item, instead of having to take your have off the keyboard and use the mouse to navigate the menu to use, say, potions?

- In Kylan's house, I got stuck in the pinkish square object in the upper-left room, and had to close the game.

Very rough around the edges, and the quite a user-friendly game, but with a lot more work, this could be a fairly decent RPG game.

Good skill. (-:

- Ziro out.

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3.00 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
9:48 PM EDT
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