The Enrichment Center

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EDIT 4/20: 8th on top entries...not bad for first game. thanks guys!! and front page...holy shit tom.


Finally here is the FINAL VERSION of the Enrichment Center (our first game). We added several of mechanics into the game. Remember: this was just us testing the waters of flash. Something entertaining, yet simple. for now at least.

Same story as the Beta:
This is a fan based game off of Valve's Portal. This is another part of Aperture Science. This takes place before the portal gun was completed, so this game is like Portal .5.

You're an Aperture Science employee starting to think that you will never going home again. So you start to escape from the Enrichment Center.

and remember, there's 2 different endings!
Hope you Enjoy!

Additional Note:
WE KNOW THAT IT'S SHORT. We had 1 good day of planning out the puzzles, and then no more ideas came...so we just went with it. Our apologies. If enough of you guys want a sequel, once we have ideas for at least 19 puzzles, we'll work on it. Thank you


good from start but...

The game won't let me past chamber 1 unless there is a secret im missing? The third chamber door that unlocks wont open when i click on it.

pretty good

I think i just had luck, but i made it through.

Not bad at all, maybe the graphics need improvement, yeah, but the puzzles were interesting.

Keep working on it and you'll have a pretty good game in no time

kind of infuriating

i eventually made it by taking the door next to the winow, going down the trapdoor there, then open the door downstairs, pretty hard to get to that point however, so i gave it a 4. My suggestions... hints? the animation was fair, and it was kind of fun, and the voice was great. It was fine, not perfect though. keep animating.

awesome and challenging

i beat it tho.

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3.28 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
9:26 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click