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The Enrichment Center

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EDIT 4/20: 8th on top entries...not bad for first game. thanks guys!! and front page...holy shit tom.


Finally here is the FINAL VERSION of the Enrichment Center (our first game). We added several of mechanics into the game. Remember: this was just us testing the waters of flash. Something entertaining, yet simple. for now at least.

Same story as the Beta:
This is a fan based game off of Valve's Portal. This is another part of Aperture Science. This takes place before the portal gun was completed, so this game is like Portal .5.

You're an Aperture Science employee starting to think that you will never going home again. So you start to escape from the Enrichment Center.

and remember, there's 2 different endings!
Hope you Enjoy!

Additional Note:
WE KNOW THAT IT'S SHORT. We had 1 good day of planning out the puzzles, and then no more ideas came...so we just went with it. Our apologies. If enough of you guys want a sequel, once we have ideas for at least 19 puzzles, we'll work on it. Thank you


sick game

I like it! portal is an great, and your game have the same brilliant, creepy concept. Only problem is, there are too many placec that look almost the same.. thats kinda boring, but I found more then 2 different endings!
keep it up

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Eh Not To Good

Most of it was easy but whats with the end? Simple and stupid but I was bored. I finished at the countdown being like 11 or so. Need a more enhanced system and not so much based off of confusion. Some puzzles were way easy and some were decently hard.

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well done

very well done game, alot of people are asking for more hints.... honestly, i think most of the hints were pretty straight forward... some of it was trial and error true, but most of it made sense

i think the speed of the game also made it seem like trial and error... you click on a door and all of a sudden you are n a new room, people dont get to ponder their choices

regradless well done, the vocie was eerie... kinda scary, made me want to get out of there faster.

only constructive critisism i could add is to do something to the door mechanic... i dont know what exactly, maybe a fade in an out... maybe make each room a different colour or something, just so you know when the 'security system resets" etc

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im just confused. i escaped, but at the end i died too.
is there multiple endings?

RAWowner333 responds:



The idea was very basic. The graphics were simple, the animation was shoddy. The puzzles were so simple I had solved them before I even knew I was meant to be solving a puzzle. Not only was this game ridiculously easy it took me all of 30 seconds to finish. This is just a generally boring and badly designed game. You don't even get points for the idea because its a generic point and click slapped with ripped portal graphics and GLaDOS sound clips constantly playing. It gets four stars because it functionally works as a game. But really, it's the bare minimum.

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3.28 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
9:26 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click