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The Enrichment Center

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EDIT 4/20: 8th on top entries...not bad for first game. thanks guys!! and front page...holy shit tom.


Finally here is the FINAL VERSION of the Enrichment Center (our first game). We added several of mechanics into the game. Remember: this was just us testing the waters of flash. Something entertaining, yet simple. for now at least.

Same story as the Beta:
This is a fan based game off of Valve's Portal. This is another part of Aperture Science. This takes place before the portal gun was completed, so this game is like Portal .5.

You're an Aperture Science employee starting to think that you will never going home again. So you start to escape from the Enrichment Center.

and remember, there's 2 different endings!
Hope you Enjoy!

Additional Note:
WE KNOW THAT IT'S SHORT. We had 1 good day of planning out the puzzles, and then no more ideas came...so we just went with it. Our apologies. If enough of you guys want a sequel, once we have ideas for at least 19 puzzles, we'll work on it. Thank you


I loved it :3

I finished it quite quickly but your hard work into this game turned into an amazing result. I am stunned

needed music in game

And needed to be longer.


Do people know what 'linear' means? It means you can only progress in one way, without branching paths. This is the simplest example of a non-linear game, since you can choose different doors. I fuckin hate when people use a word in a way that it completely loses all meaning. It's like they want to say 'simple' in a fancy way, but they're WRONG. Stop it.
What was the point of the computer password? I saw no place to enter it. There isn't much I can say about this game that others haven't already. It's so simple in its graphic design that it's kinda confusing, the puzzles are really easy, although I may have missed more difficult puzzles on the doors where I thought there was no clue that you were about to step into a void. I couldn't see any purpose in getting the crowbar or chainsaw-looking thing. The survival end with the bridge is way too abrupt. I didn't really want to replay to find the other ending.
The voiceover was not as cool as people seem to think it is. The choices you made for that were fairly funny, but I found the actual voice irritating, and it seemed to be speaking at double speed. I've never played Portal, maybe that's my problem. Anyway, it's an alright game, but it kinda leaves me feeling like 'what just happened?' without any interest in going back to see if I missed anything.
You may want to add plot, atmosphere, and more graphical variety on the next one, or more complex puzzles. I know, there's plot, but since it's Portal related, the plot translates for me as 'escape the lab.' Also, I know most escape games don't have much of a plot, but it can do a lot for such a game; reference the Submachine series.

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RAWowner333 responds:

the username and password is for aperturescience.com

and it's a rusty old key, not a chainsaw. you're third one to be confused, my apologies.
the crowbar is to break the window.

and thank you for your honest review

..front page?!

It was completely random. Made no sense at all. Random clickfest. (only the first few made sense)
We die at everything and nothing.. as if our "character" was a brainless moron.
Boring. Not fun.
Extremely basic gameplay, graphics were good... and its the only good thing.
Sounds from portal.. are good.. its portal. But no real context and randomly used.

Not too good

Very boring and confusing.

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3.28 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
9:26 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click