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Godly Tower Defence 2.5

rated 2.78 / 5 stars
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Apr 18, 2009 | 5:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

It's the fully finished version of my TD game : Godly Tower Defence.

it now has a lil quiet bit of music in the background whilst your playing the brilliant game it is :D

Use your mouse to hover over towers to buy them, as you get more cash click on the tower if you want to upgrade it, save up your cash and buy the best tower (Lil God's Tower) and try to defeat all of the waves to complete the game.

Enjoy and good luck. ^.^



Rated 4 / 5 stars

overall good

biggest problem I found was that my lvl 2 god's tower couldn't fire... why not? otherwise a pretty good TD


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It has potential

This game is good, you can spend alot of time with this game, wave 3 is really hard, there are alot of enemys together, they took me alot of retrys to get the combination of towers + where to put the towers.

Also, you could make the game better by putting a mute button, not saying the music is bad, it's excellent,but, like AltZilla said, some people like to hear their own kind of music.

The graphics need improvements they are good but not enough to satisfact alot of people.

There should be a button to make the game faster.

Good luck making a next version of this game, hope my review helped you :D.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

An improvement

I know I gave this one the same score, but I should have given the last one a 5. This ones nearly a 7, but not quite (the next one, maybe).
Its clear you tried to irmpove it, and you did a pretty decent job. But you still got some way left.
I'm going to focus on what could still use tweaking, but I did enjoy this game, and I look forward to the next.

Tower balance. Much better than the first game, but still not perfect. The spike tower,unless im missing something, is compeltely useless, dealing an absoulty pathetic amount of damage, not even having good range and not being able ot handle mobs. Maybe it gets better iwth upgrades but bleh. The missle tower is meh early on, and not that great at first, but with upgrades, its pretty nice. Like a more expensive, but more powerful and longer fire tower. I think spalsh should come with the first upgrade. The fire tower is now actually usable and essintial early on, yet not too dominating. Good job, except the first multi wave really caught me off guard! The cannon tower has been nerfed a bit, but still seems good. Its super cost efficent and has amazing range, and with upgrades does sick amount of damge. Although unlike the first game, you can't win just by spamming them, but they still seem a bit too good.
The Lil God tower would never be played outside the final wave, and isn't even that awesome till the first upgrade. I pity someone who saves up and trys to get it early.
Upgrades: Some upgrades seem very coost efficent, some are silly (900 upgrade for the missle tower?!!). Prehaps the cost efficent ones are intened to encourage people to stick with a tower, although some of them litereally double the towers effect. But other times I really have to think about my upgrades, like with the fire towers (I seriously like what you did with them, they added a lot of stratergy to the game).

2) Diffaculty. You've made a great improvement,b ut the game still seems a bit easy. Although I am a TD addict. The first game could be beaten by spamming the cannon tower, upgradign liek crazy and doing other stuff. Fortunetyl, this one you have to be careful and plan. I did restart at the first multi wave, since I took some heavy damage. Once I figure out i needed to use a flame tower early on, instead of buying a cannon tower (that kind of hits the player without warning), it got easier, though i actualyl need to plan and place, think and monitor the screen almost constantly.
You might consider a diffacutly setting, and maybe splliting the wvaes over mutliple levels, since if I did lose, it would suck to go through all 50 waves again (I know their are tds that do that, they get played less than the ones with actual levels).
You might also consider having some units deal more than 1 damage, since 50 health is a lot.

3) Pause function
Why didn't you add one?!

4) Music and Mute button
I like the music, its actually pretty nice, and I bet most people appreicate it. But I actually perferred to listne to something else when playing a td game, so could you add a mute button for those who do?

5) Unit slider and game speed button
The unit slider is really awkard, in fact it seems considerably more awkward than the last game, leading to me often making 2 units at once appear, which is really annoying. A button instead of the slider might be nice
The lack of a gamespeed button is annoying, but this game has a much quicker pace, so its less of a problem. I still think one would be nice.

6) The Ending.
Whats with all the towers disapearing and you getting swamped with smiley dudes?! Also maybe add apciture instead of just "congratulations you saved us all".

I liked the new background, I appreicate the range of new enemies (maybe you could label waves like "multivwave" or something) and I did enjoy this game.
I Hope I haven't bene too harsh and I look forward to the next one.
Peace out

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lilgod responds:

wow thanks for all those suggestions gave me some great ideas ill probs put most in new game :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

A Good Start

Nice framework for a game. I'm a fan of tower games and have thought about making one myself. Some things to work on though,

Pivot on one corner, looks like you went for a sort of 3D with them but as they rotate it sort of doesn't work and in placing them you get a lot of overlap

Animation on the enemies.
Some had what looked like flames and tentacles but all were static would be nice to see them move.

The map.
Some bits too thin looks like you can't place turrets you can but looks odd, some bits thick but hard to work out how much space you have to place turrets.

I hope you don't give up on this though and tweak it to get out all the rough bits... you got further than I ever did making one.

Good luck on the next.

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lilgod responds:

Cheers this really helped me i probably won't give up but ill keep tweaking it i think until i get it to perfection :Þ


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I actually really liked this

have to be fair though, the graphics could use work, and when you lose you should have the option to start again.

Also, you should set the terrain map (where you build the towers and all) to fit the grid a little better, so that it's easier to know where you can build, and you can build towers ontop of another.
Setting up a grid system where each tower has it's own square, that has a variable check inside of it to know if there's already a tower or not may solve that problem, unless it's totall intentional.

I think you could make some really good tower D games in the future if you keep at it. (i'm a sucker for tower games like this, ... lol)

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