Jinx The Drumming Bunny

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Quick little game I made a couple years ago,
Click on each drum and cymbal and watch Jinx hit it, see if you can keep a great beat, and pick up the tempo!

I'll be uploading some more games here in the future, but until then you find more of the flash games I created at http://www.jmkit.com/game s.html



i really like the idea because i'm a drummer, and i also like the animation, but i do have some issues, so here goes:

you need to make the drums all register to keys, the only ones i could find were the space bar and the arrow keys, and no high-hat at all.

it seems to lag a little, but that may be my computer, so disregard this if no one else has an issue w/ it.

you need something more than just the sounds, so try something like punk-o-matic, where you have multiple instruments and you get save slots and other animations, etc.

the sound quality is lacking, but i've tried to record my drums before too, so i understand.

overall this is a great little gadget, so don't feel down coz of my issues, i liked it a lot. keep up the good work man.

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JMKit responds:

Hey, no that's cool, the feedback is good, i understand how basic it seems and really it was always more of an interactive image than anything, but if i get round to making a new one i'll take all that on board.. thanks!


THAT WAS SO FREKIN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JMKit responds:

=D glad you found it fun!

That's all?

Just a bunny durmming? Kinda lame.

JMKit responds:

sorry but the title is pretty clear,
if you were looking for a drumming bunny, it's here..

so lame if you don't want that
not lame if you do =p

Nice but hard to play

I liked the graphics and sounds, but you really need to make keyboard macros for the instruments or you have to be very fast to play something nice.

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JMKit responds:

totally agree, as i say this was made a couple years back so I'm hoping to upgrade it soon with some little features like that..

thanks for the feedback!

Drum Bunny Mania!

The best "bunny playing a drum" game I have ever played - hands down.

Seriously, it was freakin' adorable - very cool. You just can't hate a bunny playing the drums.

10 outta 10 for you!
and a 5 outta 5 on top of that!

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JMKit responds:

lol thanks for that XD
glad you had fun with it!

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2.80 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
6:31 AM EDT
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