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Shaved Sonic goes on an acid trip. no seizures, just nonsense

shall he die next time? probably.


Just.. Boring.

The fact that there is no plot, no real explanation as to what exactly is going on. All we can see is a white character running around and around. This gives the whole thing a sort of dullness. It makes it so that it's harder to find anything that's really interesting about the piece. In addition, the fact that as far as I can tell, there is no coherent ending, just the white character falling, just adds to the dullness of the animation.

The animation is rather fluid, however there is no sense of background or foreground, or shapes. Colors just seem to be spastically thrown everywhere, which just makes the scene an eyesore.

The music was nice to listen to at least, although after a couple minutes it started to grate on my nerves, although that could be more of a result of the video itself.

lolghurt responds:

"just nonsense"
-Me, in description of moie
the scene is SUPPOSED to be an eyesore

supposed review

It was just okay. wasnt spectacular but it also didnt offend me. i like the song choice. and when hes falling through the sky he looks just like a sperm.

lolghurt responds:



It's like a poorly animated drug trip without the drugs - and the fun. It's just boring man

lolghurt responds:

what do you want?
random pevlic thrusts?


back part too boring. add more stuff

and if you look very, very carefully the spinning guy at the back has a tiny extra pixel at its bottom right.

not too interesting.

lolghurt responds:

????? ur WAY too bored

Still sucks

But at least my eyes didn't bleed this time.

lolghurt responds:

good. did you go to your doctor about the bleeding eyes?

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1.36 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2009
1:13 AM EDT
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