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A side scrolling game that reminds me of 'axe gauntlets', an awesome retro classic game!
Train all your three characters, defeat the enemies and their bosses, and solve the riddles of the ancient chinese fairy tale!

A,S,D keys to attack and defend, P to pause the game, arrowkeys to move left/right.

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Good Graphis and OK music and sounds. I realy liked the Devil Horns Rock ON mountain in the first stage background. What would realy get this game for me would be combos. Throw in some comboes and this will be perfect.


Great game, I like the graphics but need more attacks variation to kick the boss's ass
I hope there's combo attack with more than 5 hits, it will looks cool!

monkey mania :D

nice graphics :D
but the first boss is too hard for me. and this game is imbalance for me. I need more agility too kick enemy ass, too much miss =.=
over all I like this game :D


The enemies come too fast and are too hard to kill. my monkey feels drunk to control. you have to be so close to use the 'weak' attack you get battered half to death. the guy below me makes a good point about the hit and miss thing, it's irritating and most of the time it just seems like the connection control is off. nice try mate, just too grating to play for me.

Good Game, but a bit Rough Around Edges


Nice action game.

- Very well done. (-:

- The quality of the audio provided was fine.

- It was quite easy to control the character.

- At first, I though having only one life was kind of cruel, but seeing as how it lets you continue, it's fine.

The game appears to be saving your progress, which is good for a game of this length. I presume you have "infinite" continues? :-)

- I would prefer to use skill (human skill, that is) to hit and dodge enemies and their attacks rather than some number that dictates probability of hit and miss, this being an action side-scroller and all.

- Also, at first it seemed quite difficult to devise strategies when fighting, especially since you can't move up and down to help dodge attacks. Hit and run, jump, hit then double-jump... nothing seems to keep you from getting hit.

but theeeeen... :-P

I started paying attention to the monster patterns, when they attack, and how often, and it became quite easy.

Howeverrrrrrr.... :-P

When there are a bunch of enemies all on top of each other, it's difficult to hit them without getting hit yourself. This is where moving up and down would be handy, although the enemies do seem to separate occasionally.

- At the beginning of the game, don't introduce enemies until all the help screens have been dismissed.

- I noticed that if I completely silence the music, sometimes, it will be restored to full volume (on its own) when I pause the game or advance to the next level. It probably shouldn't be doing that. :-P

- The impact sound when hitting and getting hit does not fit for weapon melee attacks, use a different sound for that. The sound provided is only suitable for "fist-like" attacks. Furthermore, the sound is monotonous, and gets annoying quickly. I would suggest at least three sounds with subtle differences for sound events that occur frequently, such as hit impacts.

- Thank goodness for being able to block ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, even from behind you. :-P

- I like how, not only can you adjust audio volume, but you can do it SEPARATELY for music and sounds. Very cool, and user friendly! :-D

- If would help if you could block while in mid-air.

Finished the game, by the way, but I only used the first character, and built him up some. Nice ending. :-)

Bosses were challenging, but once you figure out their patterns, they were quite easy. I also noticed that they change their patterns when about half their health is gone. Nice touch.

Just polish up the rough edges, and this game will be even better. (-:

- Ziro out.