Blueberry Pie Song

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This is a music video MadDogga and I made.
It's about Blueberry Pie and how awesome it is.
I did the pictures and MadDogga did the sounds.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.
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................What happened?

Hey Kaitsith what happened? The timing was gr8 when we made it but now that its submitted the timing is off! P.S Why aren't I also an Author? After all I came up with the idea! Lol

Youneedthebluekey responds:

I have NO IDEA what happened, but it sure wasnt me!!!

This is... Not too bad actually.

Syncing the song to the animation would have helped improve your flash. You could stand to make a more interesting animation to fit the song, help make it even funnier than it already is.

Keep it up!

Wow, Wow!

Yes, yes... I am sad to admit it, but I laughed heartily at this song.

The combination of stupidity and bad production made it awesome!


The animation was decent, and it was mildly funny, but the timing is terrible. You might want to go back and do some editing to fix the syncing. Otherwise, it would of been not bad.


once again the timing was off but i really dont like that people submit stuff that dont have a flash picture.. so this default newgrounds solider comes up... i personaly hate that about all people submitting anything.. correct the timing and put a picture for it like a blueberry pie for instance then resubmit it.. it has great potential, dont ruin it =)

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Apr 16, 2009
10:18 PM EDT
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