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Doc Ock Rampage

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Author Comments

I put that i whas the programmar of this game because the programming took up most of my time making this.

Go on the rampage and destroy as much property as possible in this free flash game.

Doc Ock Rampage is a fun flash game in which you get to destroy houses as Doc Ock, a villain from the Spiderman series.
The sound's are'nt rearly realistick or cool but for now it will have to do.
Please dont give bad scores just because your not a good animator yourself or because jealous.
It took me like 3 days to finish the scripts but the drawing and the sounds didn't take to long.
I would like to have this on the front page becuese it's alway's been my biggest dream.

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mmm.could be better just maybe do a health bar more powers spiderman boss all that just choose a character more ajustments :) but still good game 3/5 6/10 so maybe some more stuff infact may better auto and pictures good game tho check out skin craft i do lots of skins so kinda good but more stuff bye :)

Could be better

You're clearly going for the Rampage style game. I loved Rampage back in the day. A couple of things to improve: Have more than one attack, enable jumping, and I also found it slightly frustrating trying to get up the buildings.

NG-Programmer responds:

I only sigh'nd up like 3 days ago and i just used this as a test.
I can do alot better then this but if i dont get a lot of people playing this then i might as well delete it cuz its no good making it better if no one is going to play it.

Nice Game


Nice remake of the classic Rampage games.

- Is there a way to regain health? Or prehaps, when you complete a level, the game should probably restore your health.

- Needs more variation in gameplay. This being Doc Ock and all, I would think he would have more "abilities", know what I mean?

- The graphics provided look fine. (-:

- Doc Ock was fairly easy to control.

- Since your game is keyboard based, allow the player to press a key to dismiss the menus (for example when completing a level), instead of having to take their hand off the keyboard and use the mouse.

- The audio quality is fine. (-:

- Include two or three different sounds for sound events that happen often, for example the mechanical sounds of Doc Ock, the firing, and the smashing of buildings and what not. The single sounds are monotonous and get annoying quickly.

- Include an ability to pause and unpause the game.

- Include support for custom key configuration, or multiple keys for the same actions (for ex., WASD). Some people, might like other keys than arrow keys. (I'm was fine with the arrows, however, others still may find this ability to their liking.)

- When I get killed, the animation of Doc Ock "falling" seems to keep looping. Not sure if this is by design or not.

- It may be more visually appealing to display the health as a bar, rather than a number.

- Nice detail with the different poses of Doc Ock. (-:

Nice game. Good skill in your future games.

- Ziro out.

NG-Programmer responds:



It reminds me of the old game RAMPAGE. It was pretty good, though theres a bug in the game. I fell off the map on level 3.

Epic game !

I am huge fan of the original Rampage game so i hade just to submit to this one!

So 5/5 10/10

and hope to see more Rampage clones ^^

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2009
11:41 AM EDT