Animated short "Hole"

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OMG! Thank you for the front-page so much! I'm ultra-happy!:D :D TY! TY! TY!

Run time: 2 Minutes.
This is a quick movie I made to experiment with traditional media.
Story is not very interesting but mystically-unusual. So you might want to watch this movie when you're tired of regular cartoons to give your mind a refresh.
I hope you'll like.
Also: Sound effects and music were composed using Apple's "Garage Band'08" <- It's a really nice software.
Many other sound effects were already in the library so the credit goes to Apple.

"Visually stunning, the style which you used was superb and fitted really well with the whole 'shrouded with mystery' plotline. Great job! I'll be looking for a sequel"
- DrawDog

Thank you everybody for the reviews you have submitted. Now that I have read them all I decided to make a sequel >:]. You can also read my profile news post for more information about my level of gratitude. But for short - I'm happy to see people showing interest in my submission so I want it to make better so that more people would like it. The second part (or the sequel) will cover most of the questions and requests you have mentioned in your reviews. Once again, thank you everybody!

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Be galo smagu, kad Lietuvoj yra toki%u0173 talent%u0173 :)) Taip ir toliau!

Arlighty :P

I believe the russian did it for me because I love the language. Anyway, I agree with the recent guy, domo kun. Your brain does fill in the blanks of the story! Why did he jump into a whole? What was so challenging that kept him from jumping sooner? I also loved the fact that the artwork was done in what looked like pencil! Though the art was a little "sketchy" (rofl!) I'm not going to take off for that. Your art will get better in time; I believe in you :)

Over all, great job and keep up the great work because I like you ^_^

Take Care!


ppl lower there rateings becuse there is no story but maybe the story is simply what you make up of it, maybe its your brain fills in the blanks is the story

I didn't get it.

It was, as you said, not very interesting. The animation, which DrawDog called "stunning" looked almost exactly like my low quality pencil drawings, just... they moved. A couple things stood out, like the tree at the beginning. The music wasn't particularly good, but it fitted the "mystical" element of the movie. I liked the voice, just didn't know what language it was. My main problem was with the story. It was nonexistant. The movie explained nothing, and really it was just an explorer finding a mysterious building that somehow he knows about (but we don't) climbing a big ladder, and jumping into a dark hole into... well, I have no idea. This seems like an interesting start for some movie, but by its self it was frankly annoying. It's obvious you have a lot of talent, so how about explaining what's going on? I wasn't that impressed, but I think you have a solid start.


I think the 2 minute story is fantastic but then again the animation is less fantastic...
Make more movies like this (it better not be a one hit wonder>.<!)

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4.04 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2009
11:17 AM EDT