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this is my first proper flash, and i'd appreciate it if it made it through judgement,as i put alot of effort into it. i'm fourteen, and really into flash. watch, comment, vote! :) thank you



Its your first flash, and it isnt bad at all. All aspiring flash artists have their first! Lucky for you im in a great mood. SO, I think definitly, keep your mouth away from the microphone. Speed up the talking a little bit, maybe make a funny voice, throw in some akward humor, and we got us a funny little thing about British Ducks then dont we?

skushroom responds:

thanks, :), will do mate =D.
british ducks are teh lolz


Should get better voice acting for the older duck, and it was a little dull on the animation effects.

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Not bad for first proper

It wasn't that bad. There was few somewhat funny parts. But why are there long pauses after every speech? The animation was good for a first timer.

it is to static

First what I noticed is that you are blowing into mic to much, you should work up with that since that make synchronization bad. Second movie is too static and plot is boring, conversation is totally not interesting etc.

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skushroom responds:

thanks for the tips, i'll try and do something more complex next
and i'll try and get a windshield for my mic
thanks again :)

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1.75 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2009
9:29 AM EDT
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