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this game contained 12 levels that have to be done to reach the finale with 2 different themes and difficulties. enjoy it



I saw a review were someone referred to this as a Mario clone, and there's definitely a comparison to be made, but really only for the coin-like profusion of diamonds. Mario isn't the only one that's done that theme (Sonic, etc)and it's not a bad idea.

One minor gripe I had with the game, and basically the only problem, as I saw it was the way Ballman forward-jumps. That's really awkward and feels like a lack of control for the player. If it had the same kind of momentum control that Mario games do, that wouldn't be such an issue, but jumping in place would probably be an easier fix.

Needs some tweaks

Looks like it has potential, but there are some problems: character drifts strangely in the direction he is going (I died several times because I just slid into something), pressing buttons for all actions is a little tedious (a for door, z for lift, etc), no real clear purpose or story.

Give it a little more work, and then rerelease.

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nice but unoriginal

Nice game, but nothing special. A mario-type game isn't creative or original. And the art is very bad drawn. You should make the collours not bright everywhere. Because you can't say what's the background and what isn't. I think you could do more

not bad

hmm the gameplay is funny but a little simple and some background music wil make it better keep it up

Ad interference

The game loads pretty much instantly, but the MochiAds commercial gets in the way.

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2.64 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2009
7:32 AM EDT
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