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Super Smash Bros:Mayhem

rated 3.25 / 5 stars
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Apr 15, 2009 | 11:38 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hi there, first of all I want to say this is my very first flash I have made and I am hoping to hear criticism so I can become better in the future.

Second of all, I know people are tired of seeing sprite animations, but I just wanted to get a crash course on Flash itself before I started doing real hand drawn animations so in a sense think of this as my tutorial.

Thirdly, I want to say that I had no story going in with this, like I said before it was a crash course so it wasn't until one day I saw that it was getting interesting so I decided to finish it up and submit it on Newgrounds and hopefully get some good and bad criticism.

Disclaimer : All the sprites are from The Shyguy Kingdom and The Spriter's Resource.

ALSO: ENJOY THE SOUND CLIPS AT THE END. I thought it would be interesting for those to hear them, also very ironic, especially the one about Lucas =P

Not sure what else I can say, just that I hope someone enjoys this.

ONE MORE THING: If you guys can, could you recommend this for the Super Smash Bros collection? Thanks! (Only if you think it is good enough of course =P)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

very nice the only bad part was when snake killed lucas and captian falcon other then that it was great.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

An interesting two-minute watch

I personally believe you should stick to what you're good at. If you say your drawing is weak and your animation and such is strong, focus on that and use the sprites. If you want to enhance your drawing skills by using them in a flash, that's your perogative, but may I suggest you NEVER use both. Hand-drawn characters interacting with sprite-based characters makes for very, very poor quality, at least in my eyes.

Also, even though the video clips were a nice touch, a replay button would have been a useful addition to the end of the flash. It tends to make a nice courtesy to your viewers. :)

All and all, it was a fairly decent debut shot. Just remember that people will be expecting you to improve upon your skills in the next performance. I would suggest against disappointing your fans. ;)

Oh, and one more thing. I know this has been said, but a little emphasis never hurt anybody. :D. Just remember that a little storyline goes a long way. ;)

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Chalupa3266 responds:

Thank you =D. And at the moment my girlfriend is a graphics design major so shes going to help me with my next flash which will be based on a short story she wrote about mind reading. But any who thanks for your review it means a lot!

I'll take everything you said to heart for sure =D


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was dece...

Okay I have some pros and cons to share with you here. So, everyone likes the cons first, might as well get them out of the way right?

Cons - Alright. So first off, I realize this is your first flash, and I respect that. But I can't give you a 10 for this, and a 9 for another flash that is much more advanced. All I'm saying is that you should not feel discouraged by the 5 I gave you, I simply feel that 9's and 10's lose their value if used too often.

Why a 5 you ask? Well simply put it was kinda boring. The use of subtitles was your choice, so you should use them more effectively. In this flash, they were slow and unprofessional. Subtitles should be placed at the bottom, as to not interfere with the screen. If you're worried about people not recognizing who's talking, put their names before the words. (Ex. Captain Falcon: Show me your moves!) Also, fade in/fade out is not very effective when subtitling. They should be a little more fast paced. Enough for the readers to get the message, then add 1 second. This one seems like you added 3 or 4 seconds.

Another thing. The beginning of movies should always grab the atention of your viewers. This did a poor job of that. As I've seen a couple people complain already that it's too slow at the beginning. Use a couple of cool things/fight scenes to grab people's attention. For example: Have Captain Falcon blowing shit up before Lucas shows up.

Pros - Well we all like to hear how our movie did well right? Well your movie did good on two general aspects. Camera and animation.

Your use of camera and the different shots of your scenes flowed quite well. (Zooming in on snake, zooming out when it's just CF/Lucas, etc.) I would like to see some more use of dynamic angles and other effects in your future movies. If you plan to continue to use sprites, you should be able to manage this no problem.

And your use of external animation sprites fit quite well into the movie. Captain America did not seem too out of place, nor did Lucas' PK fire, even though it was kind of large for that scale of an attack. The blood and the frying of Captain Falcon was used quite well. I'll acknowledge the work you put into that.

I can tell you put some effort into this unlike 80% of other newground movies. Again, I realize it's your first animation, and you always gotta start somewhere, but please take my advice to heart. I've seen the absolute worst and best of movies, and have even studied this shit in collage.

Remember, always grab the attention of your viewers. Don't drag the story out longer than it needs to be. Keep your camera motions fluid. Target a set audience, and stick with one genre. (Humor, Action, Mystery, etc.) I see promise in you my man, don't give up.

Best Regards, Eggman1~

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Chalupa3266 responds:

Wow thanks a lot, I agree with everything you said. I see it completely fair to give me a 5 for the reasons you stated. The subtitle issue I agree with, definitely already have that down for the future. Grabbing attention is also very true, your idea that you just thought of might have worked a lot better to balance out the slow parts.

Also I learned late about the zooming in and out aspect, and you can definitely tell that I progressively got better with flash as the movie goes on.
Thank you for the comment about the external sprites =D

I will definitely take your advice to heart, I am not angry or upset you gave me a 5 because you gave your reasons for it and I agree.

As for sticking with one genre, I am hoping to find a good audience in Humor and Action but i'll have to see where I go in the future.

My next flash I will definitely go Storyboard to animation, instead of animating first then adding the story after =P

Thanks again for your comments, I read through it all no matter how long and its only fair that I take time to respond back.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

top notch

im very impressed, as a first flash this i one of the best quality sprite movies i've seen in a long time.

The audio was near perfect, with the only problem i had was that some sfx was a bit loader than the average volume, there was one too many sfx foot steps for Captain America, but overall perfect. most people dont put in half as much work as you did, you nailed it man.

Background design was simple and effective.
Style was good, i liked how you placed everything so it's like watching from a tv or a gameboy advance mini.
Animation/directing was good, the sprites had good follow.

Story; well can't really say, the dialog had style in presentation, but maybe place the dialog in word bubbles or maybe use the space at the top for a dialog box like in RPG's to make it a bit easier to read.

Overall very good, your already better than most of the people on NG's and i personal know your heading in the right direction. I hope to see some really great things from you in the near future.

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Chalupa3266 responds:

Wow, this really made my day. And ya the SFX for walking/running was universal, I did get lazy on that part.

As for the dialogue, I really had no idea on how to go with it so I decided to just let it show up on screen, but like you said I believe a box for it would have been better.

Honestly thanks a lot! I can't wait to think of a story that will allow me to have a better storyboard and the pacing will be much better for sure.

Also I just found out about the v-cam, The zooming in and out I had to motion tween all the objects, was a pain in the butt lol. Wish I found Vcam earlier. Any who thanks a lot, Now I just have to think of something better =P

As for your personal opinion, should I continue with sprite movies or try my hand at hand drawn animation (I can tell you now, my drawing skills have already been really weak but my story/presentation/editing has always been much better).

Lol any who not sure if you will read this, but honestly thank you a lot! I wasn't sure what responses this would get but I am glad they are positive.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hah nice!

that wuz awesome but when lucas did sed pk starstorm he the stars would fall like in ssbb. over all very nice keep up the good work

Chalupa3266 responds:

Hmm nice idea, I may have to add that =D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!