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Dead Rising 2

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Author Comments

This is probably the first game I made that had great blood graphics. Unfortunately the little medal thumbnails are too tiny to see what they should look like, but you guys should still have some fun getting them. WSAD to move, click to shoot, get as many achievements as you can! 9 in all! And I know this won't make it any more likely to get medals, but I'd be very grateful if an admin inserted them! Enjoy!
PS: I added better music, too :3

EDIT: To all you lazy bums that just want all the medals, just run in circles until the zombies are all in the exact same spot. Then kill one zombie every time it spawns over and over, and run from the other 3. I have no idea why I just told you guys that.

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104 kills in one game

Kwing responds:

Means nothing. What mode were you on? :P

i want glitch free!

i got caught in a glitch and i had two peopole and i had to defend two peopole!

Kwing responds:

Whoopsies. :P

diamond in the rought for sure

yup im not the type of "experience in animation guy" but i'm really creative and if you want some tips i can give them
1. you should add more weapons or a chainsaw you know running around chopoing zoombie heads, arms... (who dont loves chainsaws <3)
2. you should add blood more blood °-°
3.some lvl up things like more damage etc.
4.zombie types: fat zombies,zombie dogs be creative :)
and thats just some tips you can use and i know your diamond in the rought will shine 5/5

Kwing responds:

Chainsaws are awesome... It'd be kind of cool to Incorporated that, and I think I could now (since this was made when I wasn't nearly as good at Flash). I'll consider adding it late. As for more damage and stuff, I might be able to add a shotgun or something with limited ammo. Zombie types sound like a good idea too.

Thanks for reminding me this submission existed; I think I might be able to make it better now. If I remake it I'll try to add a Story Mode, too.

The idea is there...

The idea and gameplay is there for sure. Everything about it is smooth and very well polished. That said not much happens to keep the player interested. Everything you currently have is very good though.

Some examples would be
1) Add a story type mode or levels so the player has motivation to continue through, sure achievements are nice but an actual level system would be better. Each level would be more difficult.

2) Add a variety in the zombies. Seeing the same zombie over and over can get repetitive, so why not add some different ones , like some blue, some with a weapon etc. And take it a step further, as you progress through the levels, introduce "Harder" zombies, such as one who is faster than normal, one who does more damage etc. That will introduce even more strategy to your game.

3) Add some rpg elements to get the player addicted. For example after every level you can upgrade your weapon or buy a new one etc, this will add to the addictiveness of the game.

These are just some ideas to progress your already very solid and fluid game.

Like I said earlier, nothing technically is wrong with it, its just that it needs more content =)

Kwing responds:

Thanks! The original was made like 7 months ago, but I just decided to add achievements as a little experiment. Turns out it takes simple script, but an annoying amount of it.

I liked it

It was simple, true, but so isnt tetris. I am hoping this is just the first step to more. I loved the sound effects and the music wasn't to bad. More weapons and stages would be nice. Maybe some barriers to hide behind.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for being so specific.