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I worked on this little game for about 2 days, nothing extreme, but I thought it turned out pretty fun. I know, I am a terrible artist, so hopefully the graphics will be OK.

The object of the game is to battle the King Wasp

Hope you enjoy the game.

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I loved it!

Addictive, very addictive. I enjoyed it, and by the time i'd finished playing, my eyes were bloodshot and sore. Thats what I like to call the symptoms of a good RPG.

hallaby responds:

Thank You, look out for the sequel!

Better then i thought

This game was actually fun. It was Quick to do everything, usually you have to wait a while for something to load, but it was quick (of course because it's a low graphics game).But overall Good Job!

hallaby responds:

Thank You.

Pretty sweet.

I beat it in 90 days! Mostly because I love to grind. Well, not "love", but I enjoy making my character stronger.

Even though at some point, you can take down all of the monsters with ease, I think it would have been better to maybe have at least two, if not three different places to battle. It would add some variety, and make sure you didn't end up fighting a rat when you were still at the ant/skinny bee level.

Also, the graphics weren't great, and graphics mean a lot in an RPG. People love to see their badass looking character look cool. Unfortunately, there wasn't much animation in the game, as most of the characters were movie clips that were tweened to fly around. Maybe some attack animations would have made things more lively? For example, maybe the dizzy-eye bee could do a little spin when he attacked. Flair is very good in RPGs.

In all, I liked the game and pretty much enjoyed the 10-15 minutes I spent playing it. Didn't bother to see if there was a save function because the game isn't long enough to need one.

hallaby responds:

Thats a good idea about the different places, I'll put that in the sequel as well. I spent all my time on this RPG in the code (its pretty advanced) and barely any on the graphics, I'll improve the graphics. If I make a new one, that ends up being longer, I guess I'll stick a save function in there, won't take too long, thanks for the decent score!

Lol, interesting!

I really like this! I love RPGs and thought this was a hilarious take on one!
I decided to keep building up using the cheapest option and the expensive one was just useless. I used the shops bonus to attack but never bought the useless items once!

I tried again using the same tactic now that I knew how to win. I beat my first try in terms of days, but failed to kill the king wasp in 1 hit :(

Nevertheless, I thought it was fun, and an amusing waste of 5 mins. I hope the sequel will be MUCH better though...

hallaby responds:

sweet! Yeah I really spent no time on this, didnt even know i'd put it on NG, but thought why not, and it didn't get a half bad score!

Really quite fun

I liked this game, yeah graphics could be better, and gameplay was a bit, well, easy to say the least (finished the last boss with 500 HP and a one hit kill :P) but this game was entertaining, it was fun to see new enemies, and frustrating at times, like the shortness of days. Overall this was 2 days of good work. Good job. I may be a bit biased because I'm kind of a softy when it comes to RPGs but I really enjoyed it.

hallaby responds:

Woah! 500 hp! Haha thats amaing! Thanks for the good score as well, I'll be sure to make it harder in the next one!

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3.80 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2009
4:02 PM EDT
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