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Bulwark 53 Part 2

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You've successfully escaped the Bulwark base, but now you've realized there's more creatures and chaos waiting for you outside. Find your way out... and avoid the madness, if you can!

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This wasn't bad, but I didn't quite understand it. I couldn't even find any zombies at first! It seemed like I was just walking around everywhere. I still appreciate how good the artwork is. The stuff with the cutscenes is great. You really have some fine details.

I wish I knew where this name came from. It's really cool! I guess this is the last in the series. I would think there'd be 53, lol. The music is nice and suiting. It's just not memorable.


great idea and it looks great (it IS a little dark, even with my brightness cranked) but you need a map, maybe some more ammo or easier access to the diff guns (i ran all over and found more keys than guns or ammo)
basically i agree with Istentelen....

and for anyone who feels they move too slow, type iop for the speed cheat

major issues

Man, even the 1st one had some issues, but this one instead of fixing them made them even bigger! The most annoying ones are:
- Lack of save game. In a huge game like this it's a sin not putting at least some chackpoints!
- Memory leakage. Someone mentioned it by the 1st part too, but that was short enough for me not to notice it. But this game is really long and so it caused slowing even to me altrough I have an awesome computer.
- DARKNESS!!! I turned the brightnes and the contrast on my monitor to their max, and many times I still had trouble seeing the environment! A little darness is ok in a zombie game, but not this much!
- Switching areas causes the character freezing fore a few seconds. If there are enemies nearby, it's a great advantage on their side, and sometimes deadly to me.
- Unfair placement of enemies. Placeing many strong enemies near to the border of an area (or in a small room) is very unfair becouse they surround me befor I could move (becouse of the above mentioned bug) and that most likely has a deadly result even if I have a good weapon. The best example for this is the factory area: there are 4 or 5 bansees or whatnot (those fast zombies) right in front of the factory gate, so when I come out of the factory I'm fuckin' dead! Maybe I had a small chance with an M16, but the best I can have there is the shotgun, becouse of the...
- ...lack of ammo! Altrogh there are 6 guns in the game I always have to use the standard pistol, becouse there is so few ammo for the rest. Then why are there other weapons at all if I can't use them?! The M16 can save me 1 time in a close situation, but the rest aren't even good for that: the Deagle is only slightly better than the Beretta, the Uzi is rapid, but has almost no damage and the shotgun is very slow, so they aren't good for getting away. The Minigun is an exception of course, but it can be obtained only the very end of the game, so I don't have it when I need it the most!
- Lack of a map. The game area is huge, without a map it's impossible not to get lost. Without the walktrough I couldn't have completed the game becouse the zombies would have teared me apart before I could have found the 1st key and even after that I couldn't have known wich is that Building 5 it opens!
Before I checked the walktrough I wandered around checking the various areas, trieing to get into buildings and it got me bad surprises often: many times I encountered with an army of strong zombies, without haveing porper weapons. These encounters were deadly.
- The character moves very slow. When I have to cross large areas it gets kinda boring with such slow movement.

With this review I don't wan't to discourige you from makeing another sequel, in fact I'd really like you to do it, becouse I like the games concept. Just please try to fix those problems I mentioned above, becouse they can ruin the game really bad!

i agree with Warface

keep the good job....guys


Great Job!

A corner map is my only suggestion to make this better but it is a great game otherwise!!!