House of Hell (Insanity)

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UPDATE 08/10/2009
Oops. I complete forgot to announce this game is done and dusted. Retitled "THE INSANITY" it can be found here http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/513181
For those confused, this IS the alpha of "THE INSANITY".

UPDATE 16/09/2009
October 1st, Newgrounds release. Trying for the Halloween Contest. Please support the full game if you enjoyed the alpha.

UPDATE 08/06/2009

Just to let you know, the game is almost completely ready to go. Graphics, sfx, gameplay all done. Adding a little spit & polish and getting feedback from some trusted beta-testers. Game should be available around late August, hope you have fun with it!

UPDATE 07/03/2009
So, this is the final update of the alpha. The next release will be the full game ^YEE-HAW^-- as it is pretty close to completion now. This version I've uploaded isn't an actual game- think of it more as a tour of the world of INSANITY (House of Hell) - a chance for you to look around at some of the screens and see what is coming. There are puzzles you can solve but you don't start off in the correct place and many objects materialize in certain spots for your convenience. Also, some of the sub-games need tweeking (The Machine, Statue Battle) so do not draw any conclusive expectations from this release.
I predict the finished product will be out before the end of summer. When it's all wrapped I'll write-up a comprehensive dev postmortem so you can learn how the game was made, and I'll probably throw in the code to make your own p'n'click in AS3 on my blog.

Finally I'd like to say if there are any folks out there who believe they could produce a decent soundtrack for the game mail me! I am looking for solid talent, and although I've a couple of people supposedly getting stuff ready for me now I've not yet found anyone who's truly committed as of yet.

I have a reaaaally gut-wrenching, wonderfully violent and enjoyable ending coming for this game. Watch this space.

p.s.I'm aware the graphics don't look quite right on some computers. This is because my pc happens to have quite a dark screen so you might be seeing some extraneous bits'n'bobs that I can't catch- and -
p.p.s. the game is still a little buggy in places. It may crash at times. All to be dealt with in good time.

UPDATE 07/03/2009

This is a sample of a point+click adventure I'm hoping to finish before next Halloween It has no name as of yet so I'm using the title "House of Hell" for the time being- the same name as one of my favourite Fighting Fantasy books. Suggestions?
The story revolves around you waking up in a dark room. You're covered in bandages and don't remember how you got there. As you make your escape you find out that the house is the den of a man only named THE DOCTOR, an ex-chief of surgery who lost his sanity quite some time ago, and now dwells deep within the house working on crazed experiments involving the surgical creation of vivisects- humans with animal body parts. Going further into the game you realise that all is not what it seems, and that there are secrets to be discovered that will shock you to the core.
Although this is only a demo of the basic engine with some graphics, the story has been fully fleshed out and personally I think it's a great little tale not so different in vein to Saw.
As for the game itself, without wanting to sound over ambitious I'm aiming it to be the scariest Flash game out there. It's made in a kind of similar mould to such games as Exmortis yet differs in that there is more user interaction- certain scenes will require the player to make quick decisions before a timer countdown or hammer the mouse button to escape being prey to some creature.
This demo is seriously limited in what you can do but 3 rooms are available for exploration.

I'm just looking for some early feedback, hoping people can tell me if there's any obvious errors. Let me know what you like or don't like. You know the drill.

Updates can be found here on my blog.
http://ydjapan.blogspot.c om

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2012 and still awesome

something fucked up just happened

i left my room to get a breather and wait for this game to load and suddenly it's like in the middle of it with two items in my inventory



Nice job this game was fun i love scary shit. Exmortis 1 and 2 were awesome too.

this is not the real game

its just a rip off from the original game called The Insanity.please check the game then give me bad rankings and comments

EvilKris responds:

LOL..funny, that made my day. Yeah those goddamn rip-off artists, eh?
check the post above.

hmm good but is it really finished?

huh...is this really finished? im confused..when i start (twice now) i begin the game with the pig man and bird lady pieces needed to open the secret passage which later i gather again in the game..this leads me to believe i wasn't supposed to start with them..is this a bug? also i have all teh same commets as the review 2 below.. i think i did everything but i never did figure out the combination to the door...also i at times had difficulty dropping inventory items. i think this game has real potential and enjoyed it but i think it needs a little more work to address some issues and again where is the final answer for opening the door? is that a bug or just a really tough puzzle? i would give a 10 but it just needs a little more finetuning first

EvilKris responds:

this was an alpha version of the full game. The full game is available at the link given above

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Apr 15, 2009
2:15 PM EDT