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Fantasy Kommander

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FK will turn you into a fearless General of the Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves or maybe some other incredible race!

Who will prevail over the ancient continent of the Seven Pillars of Eukarion?

Setup your army and let the battle begin!

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I didn't know what kind of game this would be at first. I really do appreciate how I was able to understand it more. It helps that it starts off fairly easily. It is great to be able to move your soldiers around so well. Mobility always works. I say that a lot.

The sounds were quite good. You had a clear understanding of what was going on. I'm glad you made a game like this. While not that popular, at least it has a high rating. The soldiers are designed quite well too.

I Love This Game

This game is great it has smooth gameplay and enjoy it very much. it reminds me of Fire Emblem the you move your soldiers and such except that you units are like statues lol

Cant believe this aint on the main page...

As a strategy game, this is perfect. I believe almost everything Sun Tzu and Clausewitz wrote about warfare has been used in this game: Morale, siege, movements, surprise attack... everything!
And as a fantasy setting, it rocks :)
Alrigth, its clicheed, the background is a total fantasy remix of Charlemagnes'Empire, and only 2 units in the whole game (the ennemy's lich and the elven general) use magic, but still, it managed to make me waste, like, 10 or 12 hours or more in the past 4 days, so its a good game ^^

While playing this, I noted a few things you guys might find useful:
-The Initiative stat is only available to your general. It determines who gets to play the turn. You can have the initiative (or lose it) for 2 turns max. Essential.
-Each general has his own strenght: magic, endurance, leadership and movement... find out :)
- You can have a of FOUR abilities per units, sadly including the generals.
- You lose the game if your general dies.

-If you chose to continue on the goblin campaign and return to fight Garkhun's horde, prepare for the hell of an ending... Get as much initiative and upgrades for the troops as you can, cause Garkhun might just appear as "orchish general" on the battlefield, but he got 800 hps and hits like Superman.

And his guys aint angels either. Took me four or five tries just to win that battle lol. I recommend letting him come to you, isolate him from his troops, then hit him as hard as you can while his heavy infantry besieges the Knight's castle. and dont worry about his catapults, they do nothing.

Hope you find my review useful :)

Not bad, a little too random

The potential for a good rts is there but all the clicking and scrolling gets a little old. It would be nice if there were some hotkeys but I didn't find any. Also, I'll agree with the others about the randomness thing. I don't care how random things can be, my catapult should a little better than 1 damage to a regular light infantry in the open.


Omg! I can't stop playing his game!