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Tax Day

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April 15th, is the income tax deadline,

A little while ago there was a commercial put out by Turbotax that involved Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin, and Ulysses S. Grant. The actors were well-mannered and cheerful.

Here's a link: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V U-DjbXyItA

According to U.S. History the figures themselves were rather the opposite. Grant drank heavily, Jackson was a slave owner, and Franklin was a womanizer.

*Special thanks to Jon from Appsro, and Voicegirl for their work in this, nothing but professional stuff from them. This project is the culmination of a month of procrastination and a 24 hour straight lip sync session. I didn't have time to make easter eggs so just look for my hidden spelling errors.*

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You should find out what actually all the taxes are paid for, especially if you're American.
But yeah, pay your taxes. Or the government will come after you. Be afraid.
If you don't support the banks the new world order will come get you.
People and students are starting to rise and there are more protesters than ever before.
A revolution is coming.
"Those who try to make a peaceful protest impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable."
It's time to wake up people. All the evidence you need is right under your nose.
Sadly too many people are ignorant, selfish, scared, in denial, or just lazy and stupid.
Ignorance is bliss, but only knowing the truth will you ever be completely free.

Fuck the banks. Fuck ignorance. Fuck this pathetic race of humans.
<3 aliens


JjjAwesome!, but i still not thinkin about pay tax

Genious!, n' why they call him "bifocal" or some sh*t?


this is the funniest shit everrrrr

freakin hilarious

"they didn't teach you how to talk"

I kind of chocked when I heard that! XP

damn thats stupid funny!

no i don't know.

why did they call them bi-focals?

zappawadda responds:

Because Gay-Goggles would have been too silly.