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Shii's Song

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This never fails to make me tear up

Grew up watching this, and it will always be one of my favorites <3

The good ol' days. When the internet and the world was a simplier place to be in. Warm fuzzy feelings :3

Lunar Lives on.

I thought this was good use of Working Designs song from Lunar.
The Animation is a breath of fresh air.

Good job and keep up the good work.

Good Feel from this Original

Comparing this original song and animation with the remixes that have been scattered about the Internet, it gives me a better, warm feeling.

The soothing beat and rhythm of song goes hand-in-hand with the animation/story. While the music is sad, it does give a sense of hope and a kind of strength with it. The animation has been pulled off very well as it helps to illustrate the song and I can agree with the original author's interpretation of the song. In particular, an incredible job done with the mouthing animation.

For those who are curious, the cat in question (Shii) manages to find her own star. There are several paw prints leading to and from the box. I suppose she was carried off gently by her scruff or left with her star. While it does lack the extra set of paw prints, I may be reading too much into the details. Anyway, rest assured, it's a happy ending. =^w^=

Thanks for posting this amv, it deserves the attention. It is a shame that the original source had to be restricted owing to legality issues. At least we can continue to enjoy the song and animation on Newgrounds. :3