Line Tower Wars

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Hi guys AdminAnt here with a New Tower defense game,

This TD is pretty hard to understand but once you understand you will understand how unqiue and different the game is.

The game was inpired from Starcraft

You play as RED

The Game is about Defense and Offence, the object of the game is to build a maze and within the maze build tower to attack creeps that have been sent from the computer. you also have to build Creeps to go through the Computers maze, If a computers creep goes through your maze you
lose a life. If your creep goes through the computers maze you gain a life the game end either when you have killed the computer players or you have lost all your lifes.

Please be sure to check out the video guide i have made if your unsure about the game.

There is a difficuly setting from easy to hard playing on a hard setting reward you with more points.

A videio Guide can be found on my blog

http://www.playtowerdefen segames. com/blog

serch for Line tower wars
Thanks AdminAnt

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this game rocks!!!!

really, author?

this game was NOT inspired my starcraft. starcraft's custom map was inspired by this! STARCRAFT'S MAP WAS A COPY OF THIS! well, made better because its newer, but really guys? really? THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL.


Thought the gameplay interface could use a few tweaks, this isn't exactly a bad game.

The help section takes so long to get through, I had time to get other bits and pieces on the site done, before it flicked through to the next page. You need some sort of continue button, and also one that shows the way the attackers will progress, so that you can plan your tactics accordingly from the word go.

Also, when I tried to build towers, I could only build the 'Shredder and Hammer towers. I had enough money to build the middle one, but for some reason, the other towers would only place sections of wall, so that looks like a bug.

Like I said, with a few tweaks, this could be a really neat game.

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The author is right.

This is actually a really excellent, although extremely long tower defense game. The explanation on his site is not very good, especially since he doesn't explain how money works, and I still haven't entirely figured it out, but here's what I got so far.
You get money for destroying enemy creeps.
You add to the income you get each turn for the rest of the game by spawning creeps, the amount is as listed and does not depend on whether or not they make it through an enemy maze. This income each turn accrues with each creep spawned.
So you can optimize your money by destroying every enemy creep that comes through your maze, and spawning as many of the cheapest enemy creeps it will allow you to buy. On the other hand, the enemy also makes more money from destroying a lot of your cheap creeps than it does from destroying a few expensive creeps.
My best strategy so far (on easy) is to make sure that I either gain or stay even on lives in each round, preferably to the point where I don't allow any enemy creeps through. In the early part of the game, it pays to spawn lots of cheap creeps to help break down your enemies lives. That life cushion helps a lot later on.
Concentrating on defense like this creates a gap between your income and your enemys'. Don't let it get too big, or you'll get owned later. By spawning lots of cheap creeps, you won't get too far behind, but at least on easy, the enemy is doing that too. You can close the gap by neglecting your defenses a bit and building more creeps.
Later in the game it seems to be worth it to buy more expensive creeps because it starves the enemy of that kill cash, but be careful, because this will also increase the gap in income. Umm, last thing is those 100K creeps are the frickin bomb if you only have one enemy left. It's worth shellin out the extra bucks for 1 or 2 of these rather than 4 or 8 of the previous models, since those won't make it thru the maze, while the 100k guys will make multiple trips. Happy hunting, and give it a fair shot before you decide it's impossible or sux because of the graphics. Plus, you can play this at work. Take 30 seconds to set up a level, let it run and sit for 5 or 30 minutes, come back to it and set up the next, since there's nothing you can do while it's running. I like the retro feel that that aspect and the graphics give it.
Excellent TD. Really. Try it when you got a nice chunk of time.

Horrible interface...

It's a terrible flash version of an okay custom map. The interface sucks, the text and icons for everything is tiny. Having to click over and over to make your "base" is annoying, especially because if you accidentally block, the ENTIRE THING is erased! What the hell?! And there's no way to re-do it, once it's set, it stays that way.

The graphics are horrid, tiny creatures running across single-color squares...and the towers are tiny and don't look like anything.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2009
4:54 PM EDT
Strategy - Other