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Mug Smashers

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/!\ This game requires flash 10 /!\

Controls :

[Arrows] : Move
[ X ] : Punch
[ C ] : Jump
[ V ] : Kick

Note: Click to start the game.

Credits: Electronic Devices

Enjoy this game as much as we do, have fun :)

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It was good

So, I played this game. From start to beginning. I guess I did it because after a few levels I just wanted to free Sheila. Anyway, it was quite fun in the beginning, but became very repetetive and after a while the levels were flooded by NPCs. That was an annoying part since they kinda spammed we with attacks. And the bosses were incredibly hard, I probably had to reset my score on every one of them. Also I think I found some bugs. Many items that (I think) were supposed to give some health, did sometimes not do it. And the bosses' healths were bugged. I had to beat on them for a while before their health meters started to decay.

Anyway, overall it was pretty good and sure had an oldschool feeling to it. And according to the end text I'm one of the best seven! \o/


Very well made , just too slow, but good! Including bonus stage and stuff was cool too!


A classical beat´em up, with everything it needs: Throwable objects, power-ups, the possibility to grab and throw enemies and even minigames!
The only thing i missed was a lifebar for normal enemies, but overall impressive work!

This is the perfect tribute to retro beat-em-ups

Everything about this just oozed quality from the good ol' days of Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Final Fight. The only complaint was that it was a bit too slow.

Apart from that a really enjoyable throwback.

Completely Fucking Awesome

The style on this is perfect you really did a good job of putting this one together, it brings back childhood memories or arcades and pockets full of quarters, now I can play it for free I guess, It's been a long time since I'd played the original arcade version, and it's cool having it for free, but I remember the movement being a lot faster, maybe the game just needs some tweaking.