April 14, 2009 –
May 23, 2019
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Do you know any people who play video games?

If so, you'd better show 'em this movie...IT COULD CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOREVER.

Also, some people seem to be taking this movie a bit too seriously. Lighten up! It's a JOKE, please don't be insulted!! :D



Watching this again and its even more true and funny then the first time arround. Jeez, why do people play so many video games? I also noticed a lot of hidden stuff you can only see if you pause or zoom in the movie. The jokes are funny, the voice acting is pretty good despite the clicks and background interference. The animation and graphical quality is simpley devine :D still one of my favourite movies 2 and a half years after it was submitted.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, buddy! It's always funny to know that someone's still getting a kick out of this old, silly stuff. :)


its like watching myself in a MOTHERFUCKING mirror! (exept of the fact that i'm not THAT fat XD)

<deleted> responds:


Thanks for the review!

this is hilarious

dude. if you changed 1 thing this whould be one of the best movies i have seen!
the sound there are beeps and sudden soundless momments bewtween the charecters speaking. its in my favourites.

<deleted> responds:

Haha, thanks! And yeah, I know, my microphone SUCKS. >:O

You are...

In my favorites list... >:(

<deleted> responds:

Cooooooool. :D


ima gamer and thats pretty phly dude. im like amost obsessive lulz nice vid keep up the good werk :)

<deleted> responds:

Glad you can take a joke! Thanks for watching! :D


playing video games with your friends? :O
brix will be shat my friend.

great animation and morale i guess, my only complaint is that ringing noise from average microphones. its not your fault, but you could have had some simple ditty music to show how down to earth this flash is and also cover up the ringing noise.

keep it up!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! Yeah, my microphone is really cheap, so it's hard for me to record stuff clearly. >:(
However, I feel that the stunningly beautiful graphics in this movie more than made up for the less-than-average audio quality.


Seems a little like you tried the copy the "metal gear awesome" style a bit too much

<deleted> responds:

Actually, I wasn't trying to copy Metal Gear Awesome at all. I also don't really see how this is similar to MGA, it's just a stupid rant! Meh. Thanks for watching anyway! :)


nice made me laugh

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for watching! :)

Not As Bad As I Thought It Would Be

Audio: 6/10
Video: 3/10

This is nothing new. I swear I've heard/read the exact same rant somewhere else. Animation could have been worse. Audio was pretty decent. Oh yeah, and you actually have a point to make.

4 stars more than any pube muppet video!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! :D I didn't copy this from anywhere but I'm sure it's been done before in some way, shape or form.


I come out and say that i'm a gamer proudly, i agree with Kazkari. Your being way to stereotypical, The docter actually told me I need to eat MORE I'm only 46kg and movies like this are giving all gamers a bad name, also playing all day doesnt neciarally mean we want to be the best, ever thought that we find it FUN, so mabey instead of making fun of people having fun go out and have some fun of ur own.
Even though I have expressed my concern about this movie the eating thing was slightly funny in the way that you made it sound.

Runner out

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your feedback, but I'll have you know I play video games too. AND I LOVE 'EM LOVE 'EM LOVE 'EM. Just wanted to make ya laugh a bit!


It did make me laugh a bit, but you're focusing on a negative stereotype like KazKari said and the animation wasn't front page material. By the way i am an obsessive gamer so i dont think this reflects on me at all. 3/5

<deleted> responds:

Hey, no worries, it's just a joke! At least you laughed a little!

that was bad really bad

you know instead of sitting around make fun of people that play all the time you should try it lol you might be surprised how fun it is

<deleted> responds:

.....I LOVE VIDEOGAMES. Seriously.

But I don't sit around all day playin' 'em. I also know that all the extreme crap in the movie doesn't ACTUALLY happen! Just trying to be funny!

I agree with the first guy

That is bad stereotyping, serioudly how many gamers out there are like that? Doesn't mean becuase you play videogames that you become a fat lazy slob, I mean fair enough at times we get obsessed play for hours and hours per day...We don't stuff ourselfs with cake or whatever though.

You might as well of put the person in a basement living with there mother just you know to add to the stereotypical view of gamers.

Aslo this was an awful animation, no skill, AWFUL voice acting...Just totally pointless.

<deleted> responds:


Of course no one REALLY acts like that! It's a joke! :D


this is one piece of awesome. yeah the animation was bad but who cares when you present it so well? i think everyone should see this.

<deleted> responds:



this is frontpage material

<deleted> responds:


unfortunately true

I have a lot of friends like this. The only thing that was kinda irritating was the little clicks in between recorded voice segments.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I hate those clicks too. Couldn't get rid of 'em. >:(
But hey, glad you liked it! :D


This was really funny and has helped me realise that i don't play too much.
Your ideas are funny but you have to work on your animation.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the feedback! About working on the animations... I know they were REALLY graphically intensive but I hope they didn't overload your computer processor! I'll work on toning down the graphical awesomeness so that everyone can watch my movies without their computers crashing. Once again, thanks!

So true

I like how you showed the cliches about videogaming, whilst saying it's 'ok' on some occasions.
chuckled with the sound you're doing when he's eating his pizza too

Well done, rated high as I think some people really need to watch this

<deleted> responds:

Heh heh, thanks!


Insulting, stereotypical, bad animation, everything you don't want in a flash animation.
Better luck with the next one.

<deleted> responds:

Sorry you didn't like it. But I didn't really mean for it to be insulting, just funny! I mean, it's OBVIOUS that no one ACTUALLY does the stuff that goes on in this movie! ;)


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