TumbleBrook Slalom

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I was building a skiing game but got busy doing other things, and by the time I got back to this the snow had all melted! So I went for a cutesy look instead. If you find woodland animals offensive, just squint your eyes and imagine a cool snowboarder racing down the slopes... It won't make the game any easier, though... I created the course and I still can't get down it in one go without crashing.

The four creatures have different speed and agility ratings which affect the gameplay, and will affect your race times dramatically, so if you're getting slower times than your mate, have another go with a different beast. I prefer the squirrel, but that's just me...

This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of TumbleBrook games. Post your best times in the comments, or play the high score version on the Fingertime site.

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Hmm, I played twice, once the bunny and once the squirrel for comparing purposes, and think this really needs sum polishing:

- Games which base on speed like this need to give the player every possibility to see ahead in order to recognize obstacles early. At full speed, the character should be at the top of the screen, not at 1/3rd from top, 2/3rd from bottom, the 1/3rd is going to waste for its information isnt needed any more in the game. So, you should let the game "scroll up" with increasing speed or be there permanently.

- Second thing is "level knowledge": You have only one level, but for it consists of the same images again and again, the level is extremely hard to memorize. If you want a non-memorizeable map, you should avoid these small green bumps, exspecially if they go all the way from left to right side of the screen. Their colour is terribly even to the ground, which makes them hard to evade already at half speed. This goes for the squirrels bonus arcorns, too.

- You are doing the same error I see in several other games, too: Your game currently is based on retrying to beat your foramer time. To do this, you got to put your controller (the keyboard) away and grab your mouse, click the retry button, then put the mouse away, and grab the keyboard again. Seriously, we players HATE to have to do this. Either make the game fully keyboard-compatible, or fully mouse compatible, OR permit the use of w a s d as an alternative to the arrow keys, but dont force us to do this kind of jogging ^^

- Oh, and there is one last "pro" thing: This game is played out of the sight of the player, means, left button means the character goes to its right side and right button makes him move to his left side. There are several games where this is exactly opposite. To fit the needs of these players, you could add the option to invert the left <-> right keys

All in all: Add several levels, add a minimap (maybe as a collectible to obtain after 1/3rd of the map) and remove some of the small bumps, and this will be a fluidly playable game.


Quite a fun game that, it plays intuitively and the presentation is slick as hell. little character animations really add something extra to it. its nice that the characters handle differently too.

theres nothing sexual about any of it.


Well, graphics and music were good, but the game was way too bare bones. No high scores (and no, I won't play at your site), only one level, nothing to unlock, etc. Basically, there was no incentive to play more than once.

Also, the graphics, while nice, left me pretty confused as to what you could run into and what you couldn't.

And the rabbit's sexual sledding position was both raunchy and extremely creepy.

highly addictive

Cute and fun as well as addictive at the same time.
Great concept as well.COOL!


the art was very good but no others to race against, music made my ears bleed, and the game was just another boring, dumb,racing game.

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2009
7:14 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid