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Minesweeper Multiplayer

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This is a simple Minesweeper game, just like the one you have on your windows, the only catch is, you are playing against someone else

Click to uncover a brick
Press shift to disarm mines
You have three lives, each incorrect guess takes one life, can you beat your rival?

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This Is pretty cool

I love this game so much, I mean. It changed minesweeper's character to fun and online. Almost like a battle-puzzle game with friends or strangers. This is brilliant, *adds game to favorites* =D


One problem. The first click should never be a mine. It's annoying to lose a life on the first click.

Well now

It still needs a little tweaking, the board size is fine in my opinion, it keeps the matches short and sweet. However with 2 people playing on the same board, it gets kind of confusing. Maybe because minesweeper is supposed to be single player XD
There's nothing wrong with the online play; smooth and responsive.
All in all, its fun and, depending on who you invite to play, it can be easy or challenging
Perhaps in the future there will be an update that can include a board with different features like extra life squares or freeze-your-opponent-for-5-seconds or even cooperative play!
Great work! Keep the good stuff coming!

I like this!

This is a great idea. Though like FurFurlife said needs a bigger board.

Very Intelligent Idea.

This is a very good concept, and the low file size grants my want for instant gratification.

HOWEVER, the board should be bigger.