Rufus Da Demon

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Author Comments

Another short game, only took about 3 days to make!


Sponsored by Zigyugames.com! check out their site!

*Special thanks to Tom Ebblewhite to doing voicing!

WASD to move, Mouse to aim+attack

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Love the fact that he is a left handed demon!

This game has a lot of interesting weapons but the enemy diversity is seriously lacking and balance is broken. Needs more then the existing 4 different enemy types to keep game balanced.

First the game gets hard too fast when ghosts star to appear. Instead of the ghosts game should introduce some other enemy as the fourth one to appear, like a human with another weapon than just knives or runner with flailing arms.

Shortly after that the game becomes too easy when the axe and the second health upgrade is purchased. With axe the crowds can be kept thin enough for all damage by any of the existing enemies to be instantly regenerated with the 2nd health upgrade. I am not sure if this is really just the balance issue or a bug because later when I already had War axe and was saving money for Trident the ghosts suddenly started dealing noticeable damage again that did not regenerate.

Finally when you get the Trident you can just stand in the middle of the field and kill everything that appears from sides without movement and nothing can touch you. Theoretically from this point one could get infinite score if one has infinite patience.

Aside from these balance issues and little variety of enemies game also gets laggy when the amount of blood and corpses piles up. The bloody field of enemy entrails does look cool, but there should be an option to clear it so that game could run smoother.

The art is very nice.

It's fine, but the ghosts are unfair in my opinion. I mean, you start off with horrible weapons, then thrown into a game with invisible enemies, and enemies that come back to life.

became too easy after purchasing the trident :v


Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2009
12:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional