Dark City

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My first shooter (yay...) It's actually the really, really basic version of a larger game I'm working on... it's also my first attempt at action-scripting... so "epic" becomes funny really fast. XD

I will be fixing the bugs later, but for now, click away and enjoy!

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There's no bg music and the movements are clunky..

Agree with below

Also next time check the spelling before you publish the game. I think you were trying to say ELITE. not ELETE.

1st Shooter

Concept: Good
Music: None
Art: Decent
Graphics: Need some work


I wouldn't mind this game and actually enjoy this more if there were some things taken care of.

- When I shoot.. my already fired projectiles move in the area the gun is directed
- No music.. (makes a big difference) ..trust me.
- Progression?
- Movement is awkward..

If the character is just supposed to remain in still position..
Turret. Would be a great weapon idea for this game.
Tank. Another good idea; broken down or just moving in place.
Mech. Obvious reasons..

On another note: I wish you the best of luck on the game this spawned from.


I like the idea. I really, honestly, cross my heart and hope to die, like the idea. But I find this game to get very agitating, very fast.
For example, a) When you shoot the things, sometimes they will not die.
b) The whole game is very laggy.
and c) There is no real replayability. These days, point and click doesnt cut it as much any more, unless its really, really good!

Fix that all up and you have yourself a top notch piece of gaming! :)

this sucks

get sound, audio, and a fucking life man. this game is a glicthy shit piece of crap and you cant even choose what you want to do when u ose its so glitchy.

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Apr 13, 2009
3:48 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed