Snake 2.0

April 13, 2009 –
January 29, 2019
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Author Comments

The classic snake game with a pretty look. Uploaded in collaboration with
Mattias Stridsman

EDIT[4.13.09]- Added Music
EDIT[4.14.09]- Added Snake Head

By the way, I'm not going to add it so you come out of the other side when you hit walls, if you're so lame that you can't avoid walls then don't play skill games.

Replays will also play in the main menu.

Sorry but highscores are local only, and will only register in the downloaded version(visit Mattias's site).



It's fun and is a good challenge after a while. The music is also an awesome remix of Tetris. The replay feature is good too.

I have two complaints

My main complaint is the high score board, namely, the fact that you HAVE to type in a name. This game is fast-paced, you can't afford to break game flow for that long. You should be able to skip typing a name and restart instantly by pressing Enter or something.

My secondary complaint is that I think the snake grows too quickly, makes the game feel a little short. I think two blocks at a time would be good.

Otherwise this is a good rendition of Snake. Excellent choice of music.

Of course, despite all that, it's still just Snake, so 5/10 | 2/5.

pretty good

A great test of reflexes. People who bash this caus eof the speed and the now going threw wall were 1: horrible at hand eye and reflexes and 2: never played snake the original. music was good too.

<deleted> responds:

I agree with you, snake is and always has been a reflex game.


Could be better. The snake goes too fast, you should be able to go through the wall ad come out on the other side, and the snake should start with some body. And perhaps some music like the theme from Tetris.


its good to have simple classic games free to play on the net, and its less of a pain to lose in this when the snake grows faster, but its not innovative in any way and has a lack of effort and creativity. you can do better than that.


simple, and funny, what more can i want?

<deleted> responds:


not good...

a good classic game but theres a couple of problems firstly the snake goes way to fast secondly the snake grows too big when u eat a square and finaly u could add some sound it makes it more interestein

Nothing unique, good nonetheless

Now no one's going to try to say this is a new idea, but I just liked the feel of it; very simplistic, no annoying colors or anything, just some vaguely cool looking blue and red squares. It didn't seem like there were any glitches, and the implementation of a highscore system was a good idea, so I give it 7.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your well thought-out review.

not too good

this game is pretty bad. not too much of a challenge and it is very simple


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