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Find the icons in beautiful animal pictures as fast as you can! Search quickly, thoroughly and accurately to get the high score. All images are property of Jigsaw-Puzzles-Free.com, no use without explicit permission.



It's a guite good game, could be improved a lot

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JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks!

Caged In

This is a search and click game where you need to scan various still pictures in order to find JPF words. There isn't any clear indication as to what JPF means initially, but it stands for the website you're presenting. There are some vital qualities in this flash that can be easily overlooked; however it still remains impoverished.
There is a limited concept here, clicking something on a still unanimated picture is very simple and uncreative; however problems corrected can make the game more attractive.

The first problem with it is that a player may stare at the screen for hours thinking there are JPF logos there when in fact there isn't. A friendlier design would be to alert the player when he clicked all the logos in a slide, or at least create this as a separate mode. Also the logo JPF is very noticeable, especially in the same font and colour.

A second problem is the lack of other modes. Once you know where the logos are there is no challenge anymore. Therefore it has low replayability. This also means that the bonus is largely pointless if you can get through it at maximum speed next time. Try randomising the order of the pictures and make sure that the logos appear in different places. Because of this problem the game feels short when it could be endless.

Graphics now. Well... the pictures are hardly impressive, they're photos. However not everything is static. Buttons highlight red, logos emit green text when clicked and the timer just about passes as animated. Because of this your game doesn't look bad and your presentation is far from awful. It is hard to comment on details because some might find the still pictures massively interesting, but in terms of details that you have actually drawn and added there are few, however I can easily overstate this because basic things like arrows are very colourful. I suggest changing the orange background for something more articulate and relevant to the zoo. You may want to try drawing and animating animals - it's always worth a shot.

Now audio is important in adding to the experience and you have suitable backing music and, personally, some of the nicest sound effects I've heard. You're clearly capable in this department so well done; it really brings praise to the game, although you could add a few more variations as the clicking beep could eventually become infuriating.

The length is variable because the game is really two games, a search and click - and a memorise and click. I didn't play it all the way through because I'm hardcore, I like things to be perfect so I risk annoying myself trying to find all of them. Unfortunately it falls short when compared to other search and click games largely because of the simple and undemanding design.

It is apparent that although you present you ideas adequately, your either not intending to take the game to Newgrounds standards by really revving up the pages with fresh animations and drawings or you feel you cannot improve on it any further. However, this doesn't mean that you're not prepared to put in effort; its clean design cannot hide the lack of real visual quality. Because of this the result isn't spectacular. I took a minute to look at your other two puzzlers submitted to Newgrounds. This is your first non-jigsaw game. Keep submitting stuff to Newgrounds because regardless of graphics and sound there are many gamers who enjoy a game just because of its concept.


* * * * { 4 - 10 } "Clich├ęd"

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JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Wow, well thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts! I appreciate the time you spent voicing your opinion and suggestions. Sorry you didn't love it, but I appreciate your honesty and thank you again for your feedback!

an internet game like this would be ok for 1999

find the JPF icons? sorry but i just really dont think that you put more than 5 minutes of thought into this game idea, and maybe half an hour into making it
i would be more interested if you copied pages of 'where's waldo' books and making a game where you have to friggin click on waldo and his friends.
i think ill go play one of the vision-destroying snake games posted today.

JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Sorry you didn't like it


i give you a 1 because at least you put some effort into it, but it is very simple with almost no thought required to play

JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

You're right, It is a simple game, sorry to hear you didn't like it.

Not a Bad Game.

It certainly was a different game than I expected to play. I just thought there'd be a little more to it. It's still a fun game. Anything that involves searching for something in a picture is a fun game. The thing I thought the most highly of in the game was the music selection. It seemed to fit very well with the pictures you look through in the game. It kind of makes you think you're going down a stream exploring the wilderness. Nice work.

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JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Apr 13, 2009
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