Hatch Episode 1

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Hi everyone. This is not my first game, but it's my first game on newgrounds. I'm aware that it's pretty short, and should be beatable in 3-5 minutes or so. Hopefully it'll be a fun few minutes. The idea is rather self explanatory; get the egg to the nest. Just a note: EVERYTHING does SOMETHING, and there are some little drawings or lines to make some things more obvious. And as the "Episode 1" title implies, there will be more. Hatch EP 2 is somewhere after the planning stage and before the "done with intro vid" stage.

Somewhat inspired by Rob Allen's Hapland, check out his site (it's amazing) www.foon.co.uk

It should be less glitchy now. Not much less, but less. If you do things in quick succession, it can cause problems, but I think most of those are out. To make everything deglitchified would take patience I don't have, and completely rebuilding the game.

A FINAL NOTE: the game is not over until you get the "complete" screen.



it is a little buggy sometimes

aeroferret responds:

Ah yes I know. I'll be more careful on the next one, but there is no way I'm gonna go fix all that code, so sorry for inconveniences. Thanks very much though!


when you get the egg to the end hit the green light in the tree twice to get it to hatch. it was good, a little confusing, but I guess that's the point.

aeroferret responds:

it's actually not twice, you probably just hit it too early.

This is an interesting idea.

Get the egg to it's location in order to hatch. This game is good in the way that it makes you think. However, there should be some message saying, "You win!" or something like that to tell the player that they won the episode, despite the fact that you should understand when you've won anyway. Also, the drawing style could use a little bit of improvement, but it's not bad. Hope to see these get better and better, this has promise.

aeroferret responds:

By the way, it does tell you that you win. It says "Hatch EP1 Complete!". I think you just didn't actually finish it. Try again and see if you can get that screen.

And I know the art is crappy, and i'm sorry about that; after about 12 hours of coding I just want to get it over with.

Simple and fun

Not too bad.
I hope that you'll release a second episode soon.
Anyway,it needs more elements,items and such and at the end you can't really tell if you won as the egg doesn't hatch

aeroferret responds:

I know, the name doesn't really apply to this one: i'm planning on the egg's journey continuing, such that the epitome of the whole thing is the egg hatching. ALSO, like i said before, make sure you actually got the "complete" screen

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Apr 13, 2009
12:55 PM EDT
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