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OMG frontpage!
finally after 3 years of trying! thanks NG! this is certainly a very good surprise!
and RABID 2 is under development with almost all your suggestions taken into consideration (almost all the suggestions that i've read are great, its just that a few are quite dumb).

This is another experimental game. its a platformer/brawler. i switched to an all keyboard control scheme this time.

it only has one level and all you have to do is survive the incoming zombies.

read the help page please.

ok i know flash gamers arent exactly the smartest type but here are additional instructions since i've noticed that some people are allergic to reading in game help.

hold shift+arrow(left/right) to run
up+(Z/A) = lunge
down+(Z/A) =hammerstrike
up+(X/S) = uppercut
down+(X/S) = ground strike
down+(X/S) = kick downed enemy
down+space = drop from platform


Really different...

I like this game, it's good. But it could've had a better storyline and soundtrack. The brawling is easy because you only have three moves which is good and bad at the same time. With all that behind I must say I loved the amount of blood perfect for a game with zombies in. WELL DONE!

eeh, well

Nice idea, I really liked that "buy transformation with score points" . 2 things that I didn´t like: Main Problem: If there are 2 or more enemies on one spot, you cant fight em. It would be much better if the robot could punch all enemies on one spot with that super z punch, otherwise you keep running from 5 zombies who are running as a group on one spot...meh...
Side Problem: Defense Robot is useless, he gets out of stamina too quickly, and a SPEED bot with a bad stamina regeneration? LOL? Didn´t try the last robot, didn´t WANTED to :/

But its a nice beatup-game

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very good !!!

This game is really bad.

The controls were really bad. The storyline was bad. There was no need for blood at all and this game deserve a teen rating not a mature. Its so easy to die. Its really annoying when you really need to attack some zombies and youre about to die but the bar runs out and when the is two zombies in front of you and you can only hit one at a time. Another thing that bugs me in this game is that when you knock a zombie to the ground and stays down for a couple of secounds and cames back up. Please, dont bother making a secoul!


good concept, nicely animated. enjoyed it lots. however, there are a couple of things that annoyed me. one being i was constantly being knocked down and kicked to death, the other being that the robot would stop moving after jumping and running. that may just be my computer though.

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3.50 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2009
6:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other