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Apr 12, 2009 | 5:52 PM EDT

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Author Comments

PowerNumber is a reflexion game in limited time.
Pick following tiles of same value.
No more moves, don't panic, break the tiles and get more opportunities.
Submit your score to the leaderboard to compare with other players.

Detailed instructions :

Use the mouse for all controls.

Click on following tiles with same values. As many as the value itself.
One 1. Two 2. Three 3. Four 4. Five 5 or Six 6.

The combination then disappears, earning points and seconds (from 1×1 to 6×6).
Gravity will reorder the grid and new tiles will complete on top.

At any time you can click (click again to cancel) on the bomb button to sacrifice a tile in exchange of +1 to the surrounding tiles(1->2,...,6->1).
Use this ability to create new possibilities of combinations.

Enjoy this twist and have fun with PowerNumber.

The game ends with either no time or no tile.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

looks good

this looks good but i dont under stand how to play

vlouchk responds:

- Numbers

You have to choose following tiles with same number.
If you have a 1, it's ok.
If you have two 2 next each other, it's ok too.
Three 3 and so on.

When you click on a tile, the selection begins.
When you click another tile the program check :
- if the tile is next the preceding tile
- if the value is the same
If both conditions are ok, the selection grows.
If not, it's the start of a new selection.

- Bomb
The bomb action is the twist of the game.
When you bomb a tile, the tile is destroyed and won't be usable again for selections. But all surrounding tiles will get +1 on their value.
You have to use this twist to enable new possible combinations
For instance, you have 245555 on a line.
If you destroy the 2, the 4 will become a 5 and now you have five following 5 .

I hope this explanations will help you to understand the gameplay


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A true marvel

This is the type of game that belongs on the itune's app store. I want this game on the go! For a puzzle game, it is completely original. There is only a few things to improve on. Right off the bat I'm gonna say the timed mode is extremely short. Also, if you were to remake this game and sell it on itunes ...hey, anything's possible.... I suggest using different colors, fonts, and an atractive menu. The colors you chose reminded me of a hospital. Bejeweled styled their puzzle after jewels(Duh!). They needed to use colors that complemented the theme(ruby as red, saphire as blue, emerald as green, ect.). You have to define a theme. At first I thought that "Powernumber" was somewhat generic: just blocks. But your theme to build off of is that little bomb at the top right. That bomb opened an entire window of oppritunities. I highly suggest animating the bomb's explosion when you use it. Everyone loves EXPLODING things!

The most IMPORTANT thing is the MENU. Why? The same reason you dressup for an interview. It's the first thing I see before I play the game(or hire you, if some on doesn't care how they look for a job int. they probably won't care about how they do their job: just enough to get buy). How the hell does this relate to flash animation? Well for one, if I see that your menu only has a title, a play button, and the controls. This to a flash creator seems suitable. But to some one who just finish playing "Thing Thing Arena" by comparison this menu is less versatile. I don't expect the gameplay to be anything like TTA (no one does they're 2 differ. breeds of games). But having an options menu, having the ability to play a different mode of PN, and having a step by step(NO LINKS) tutorial on the main menu will take effort. And people judge books by covers, girls by how hot they are, and your good looking and good quality menu will make people that much more eager to play your game.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. This game concept is brilliant and original. If you have any other games coming I can't wait to play them. I want to say one last thing before I wrap this up. The only reason I critique so much is because it's sooo close to perfection. I hope I didn't sound like a total jerk. I hope you found something in hear useful.

vlouchk responds:

Thank you very much for your message.
This is a game with an easy concept but not so easy to be explained in few words.So it's easy to miss how great this game is.

But once you've understood the meaning of the gameplay it's really challenging and addictive. And very strategic too.
I've friends who played it once or two but others who spent hours and hours on it .

I agree with all yours remarks about the design, i focused too much on the gameplay.
I'm pretty sure too it would be definitely a must play with the iphone. It fits completely with a tactile interface.

And there will be others games.
I've made a few games I need to polish.
And among them, I have great expectations for one, haikudon, because the game is more accessible and is great for print.

Thanks again for your review, it warmed me up.
I hope it will motivate readers to give this game a try.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Powerless Numbers!

Welcome to Newgrounds! I hope I can offer assistance with some constructive criticism on your first submission.

The game is an interactive point and click puzzler using numbers inside squares. By creating a chain in adjacent boxes corresponding to the number the player can earn points and have their time extended. Players can click a bomb at the top of the screen to blow up a box; this disables a square but changes the numbers around that square. There's a high score board, credits and tutorial. There's only one real aspect to the game, and that is the puzzler itself which is either a gem or a turnip, depending on the taste of the player.

The amount of content is fairly disappointing; however I liked the concept. But there is nothing to keep me playing it, other than to find out if it is actually possible. Most of the logic is overridden by the fact that whatever tiles drop down is purely due to luck and not skill. It felt a lot harder not being able to chain diagonal boxes.

Another big problem is that the playing board is far too small. There needs to be more squares; try adding difficulty levels where the player can choose the size of his/her playing board. You may also consider customising the maximum number figure so that players could have bigger or small chains to make. I also recommend a time challenge mode where the player has a reasonably easy square frame and low number max but has to accumulate a certain amount of points in a certain time limit, or keep playing until the player builds up a certain time target.

Unfortunately without these modes currently in the game it is amusing for a few minutes and then is probably never going to be played again. However the concept is a fantastic framework for a great interactive flash, but the actual transformation of it into a game feels completely rushed. I get no real sense of effort or determination to make this an experience, rather just to show off a concept. Ideas look ruined if they are poorly executed.

And the main reason why it is ruined is the graphics. The playing board shows a lack of effort, especially due to the fact it isn't even placed in the centre. Also, more importantly, nothing is animated whatsoever. Please animate major events like a square click {sparkle or fade out} and make the bomb real by creating an explosion.

But in all honestly there are some noticeable details. It is colourful which is great. Your tutorial page is very articulate and your video demonstration is a rarity that even the greatest flash games fail to implement. But this doesn't hide the absolute calamity of the main game which looks hurried and unprofessional. It needs more vibrant animation and effects.

Adding another serious blow to this game is the fact that there is no audio at all. Games need audio like a car needs wheels; otherwise there is little feeling to it. Look at the audio portal {top of the page} and find a piece of music you think is suitable. Use as much as you like long as you credit the author. The choice of sound effects is important, but not as important as making sure that there are actually some at all. Try using freecorder {look on google} and rip various sounds that you can find online, or if you want to be predictably simple, try sounds from your main windows {system} media folder. Make sure the choice of audio suits the game and blends in well with the sound effects.

I played it a few times to work out the mechanics {and difficulty} although it took a few goes to realise that the bomb was interactive. Since there are many lazy gamers who prefer to get stuck in rather than read {or watch} the tutorial you might want to make sure gamers notice the bomb. However it didn't "wow" me and although the unfamiliar concept was slightly exciting, the poor execution left me disappointed. Saying that I've never seen anything with this concept - it is fresh. If you can present your ideas with better visuals and add some quality music and sound effects then you're in line to make successful flash games.

Submit again anytime!


* * * { 3 - 10 } "Stale"

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vlouchk responds:

Thank you for your detailed review.
Here is my point of view.

- Concerning the gameplay mode

The idea behind the game is double : The numbers and the bomb twist
I found that the equilibrium was great, with the possible numbers, the board size and the credit time, even if its not an easy game.

It was a choice not to implement other modes because generallly I find it artificial and I prefered to focus on the core idea.

- Concerning skills and luck

There is luck it's sure but it's not the biggest part of the game.
If you want to make big scores you'll need skills.

Here are the strategic tips I give on my site :

- Prefer the combinations on top of the grid to prevent bottom combinations to be destroyed
- Prefer long combinations who earn more points
- Wait before using the "1" until its use enable the apparition of a new combination.
- Try to anticipate the future by choosing combinations who will make other combinations or at least put same values next
- Do not hesitate to destroy a 1 if it enables you to make a bigger combination
- The isolated tiles can not be used in combinations and so you have to try to limitate their number as much as possible

- Concerning sounds and music

I even made a version at the beginning with music.
But I'm used to play without and for a reflexion game I thought it disturbing.
So I dropped this part and didn't focus on it again.

But you're right and If I restyle this game, I will probably integrate sounds again. And improve design.

Anyway, thank you for your review, it was very constructive.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

nothing happens

bad game after you click on some tiles with the same number nothing happens

vlouchk responds:

Hello imskiven, thanks for having played my game.

You need to have the same number of tiles than the value.

If you want the 4-tiles, you need to have four 4-tiles connected.
You have to follow a way with your mouse among these 4-tiles.

Once the good number of tiles is selected the selection automatically disappear, gravity reorder the grid and new tiles come on top


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Neat concept

but it failed to impress me.
Spice it up a bit!