Buttonscape 2 Map pack 1

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The invasion has CONTINUED! STOP the button lord in part one of the sequel.

NOTE: The second map pack will be coming out soon, i could not put the second one in because the size was wayyy to big for the newgrounds. Please enjoy :D.

Give any constructive criticism in the review :).

Edit: I have found a error in the game (it does not have an ending). The rest of the flash is functioning fine.

Programmer: Sparkwatt
Assitance with optimization : Vincenator (thanks man)


Enjoyable challenge

Not a bad little puzzle game. Though it's not quite up in the league of the Impossible Quiz, it's certainly a good strategic nature that will take some working out.

I think that the layout is simple, but quite effective - giving the player a chance to experience the level for a very short time and then they suddenly have to deal with it or restart. I have to say that I did actually give up after getting to the first boss and repeatedly losing, because I can't find the correct button to press before the very short timer expires.

I think that the main issue there is that there isn't enough of a clue to get me through that level - I tried clicking the letters of "1st Boss", clicking the glass pane that floats around and even tried avoiding it, all to no avail. When you've tried it that many times, the whole game itself doesn't last longer than 15 seconds, which can get very boring after only a short time.

This game started off very well, but by the finish, the potential it had shown seems to have been wasted on that one level. Perhaps with a few tweaks, you can show the improved version to us and we can see that those later levels are worth the wait.

[Review Request Club]

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Sparkwattclock responds:

thank you for the review :).
I'm sorry for the ending (i on accidently removed the button that beat it 0.0).
I will fix it in the next edition :D.

Thanks for the good review (at least you review fairly lol)

-cheers, sparkwatt

it was okay

i agree with willeus that there should be checkpoints, but why do i have to put in a pass code to start the game? i realize that the code is on the screen but it slows down my ability to correct my mistakes and move further in to the game.

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Unlike previous reviews for this game I will give you some constructive criticism and not just say wtf.

1. To be honest the first level wasnt that good perhaps something more to do with buttons?
2.This game could use checkpoints, when I would lose further into the game it is a nuisance to have to go through the prior levels over again.
3.Fix the First boss > <

Overall it wasnt Terrible but I liked the first one better. 6/10 :)

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Sparkwattclock responds:

Thanks for the review will :).
I am planning to make it more button like in the 2nd map pack, and yes i will fix the boss errors. The only reason i put that in there is because i thought it would get boring if everything was buttons XD.

this sucks...

im sorry but it really does... nothing in it makes sense and it's all just like BAM.
there is like no constructive criticism for this submission...

Sparkwattclock responds:

Well its a puzzle game, oh and i'm sorry but your name kinda fits your behavior.

And if this game sucked then why did it pass judgement?



Made no sense at all i have no clue and it uses the simplest of codes with onRelease and stop functions

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Sparkwattclock responds:

Again like the last reviewer, not a very constructive review and you smight as well should have your review powers taken away.
1. This flash is supposed to use button commands, you idiot (buttonscape, duh).
2. You need stop commands for a button duh.
3. Its a puzzle game, i think you can figure it out even for an idiot reviewer like yourself.

Next time when you review my game or movie at least write a way i can fix it or complement it. Dont act like a child and whine if its not good enough for you.

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2.76 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2009
1:55 PM EDT
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