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Birthday's aren't always fun for EVERYONE...

UPDATE - Front page! Awesome. Thanks to NG and everyone who voted.

Something a little different this month. The Sketched crew made this short cartoon as an online birthday card and we decided to post it here.

Feel free to pass it on to any friends or relatives you know who may have a birthday coming up.



Now the next time I have a birthday I am going to feel bad blowing out my candles

sirjeffofshort responds:

Don't feel too bad... I'm sure they did something to deserve it. Haha.


Wasn't really funny, can see how some may find it funny. Good animation and voice quality.

sirjeffofshort responds:

I'm happy you're honest and open to seeing things from others point of view, and I'm glad you were able to find something worth while in our work. I hope you get a chance to check out some of our other work in the future as well.

damn you

for stealing my last name >:( for that you lose a point

sirjeffofshort responds:

I didn't steal it! I'm just borrowing it, keeping it safe!

Awesome coincidence :D

Today is my birthday aswell :D

The animation was great, I especially loved the way you animated their mouths. Those candle's movement was very dynamic, only the people around them had a bit too passive role :( Not in the bad way of course, they just were a bit too "stiff like"

Anyways, well done. We shall be waiting for more!

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sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah, I did want the focus to be on the candles but I do admit the I could have spent a bit more time animating the people. I'm really glad you enjoyed the short though. Thanks for the review.


um and HAHAHA

sirjeffofshort responds:


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Apr 12, 2009
12:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original