Easter Bilby

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So it was easter, and I thought... Hey might make an animation for it.

2 days later (between family events) here it is!

Happy Easter!



BeiNg A autralian meeselfs, I reckon choclate is awsome =P

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Being an Australian myself, I think this is AWESOME. We also have Easter bunnies in Australia! I dislike the exaggerated accent because it makes foreign people think that is how we really talk. It would probably be better you could be bothered to make a background but the message is clear.

Who cares? It's chocolate..

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SamGreen responds:

Yeha... didn't mean to exagerate it that much, but... it was meerly to make a point... my next will be sure to considerate the acting skills and accent level will be turned down. :)


Lets bomb your country because of this video

Through all this cultural confusion wwe lost sight of what was really important about this day.. Chocolate is chocolate! Congradulations on not having a governmental web filter, btw.

... wtf?

Being an australian myself, i think this is stupid. We do have easter bunnies in australia! sorry, but the voice acting isn't very good either. it would probably be better if you got some decent voice actors and if you could be bothered to make a background.

SamGreen responds:

I love for you to actually read the authors comments, usually why they're there is to explain certian things. Never said we didn't HAVE EASTER BUNNIES... meerly stating the fact AUSTRALIANS would like to promote easter BILBYS.

Due to the fact that we have a rodent problem in Australia. Pick up a fucking book for god sake. ROFL

Anyway, write back once you learn Flash. Thanks for your (as voted) useless review.

what the hell is a bilby?

totally awesome, Australians are like Canadians but way cooler(thats right i said it)

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2009
10:26 AM EDT
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