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After my first game didn't fare so well, I decided to build something a little simpler, but with a lot of shine.

I made a similar game about ten years ago, but it never really came together.



PS. Props to VegetarianMeat for allowing the use of his song .flow. It gave the game that extra bit of flavor it needed.

Whoops: Fixed mute buttons.

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I'm trying to wonder how/why I never checked this out. This is exactly the type of game that I love playing. It's simple, addictive, relaxing, and it's not a complete cake-walk. Very nice job.


I really quite liked this game. I thought that it was wonderfully constructed, had nice, polished graphics and the song was suitable (as in, it suited the game's atmosphere). What I thought was great was the simplicity of the presentation - the background graphics, the menu graphics and the game graphics all followed the same simple style and were matched perfectly.

A few things that could've been changed: in the tutorial levels, I wouldn't a.) have a time and b.) have a move limit (although it isn't enforced it still gives the player an unneeded sense of urgency). I advise against using a timer on the tutorial stages simply because the player is reading through the tutorial at the same time as trying to play and I advise against the move limit because people tend to like to experiment when it comes to tutorials.

What I'd love to see in further iterations of this game (in a sequel most likely?) would be changing gameplay mechanics - moving away from having just the toggler and spinner to having a few other features (truthfully, I can't give any examples right now, heh). It could remove some of the game's simplicity, yes but it would allow alternative methods to solving the puzzles and would just add another layer to the game.

Great work!

Good, but too hard.

Essentially it's just way too hard. Now, I don't mind hard games, but the thing is that what makes this difficult are the controls. They are very unresponsive, and in a game like this, the controls have to perfection or it's BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

Oh yeah, there should be a key-stroke to retry. It's really annoying to have to move your hand over to the mouse every time you get killed (which is often).

I was gonna give you a six, but then I added a point for originality.

themintman responds:

I don't think you're reviewing what you think you're reviewing... I have never, through the course of developing this game, encountered a point when I was killed.

Now I'm beginning to doubt myself.


good idea but just a tiny bit....

:D fun

i liked it it was a clever idea. however i didnt like the music you chose but thats polly just me so ill give u a 9. i enjoyed the puzzels.

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4.25 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2009
4:13 AM EDT