Astro Chaser

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|*| Game Description |*|

A mix of space shooter and avoidance game, Astro Chaser puts the player in control of a ship with a mission to collect all the stars.
Flex your fingers and prepare for a fun time. Avoid obstacles, enemies, and more.

|*| Controls |*|

Movement: Arrow keys
Fire: Space key
Shield: S key
Pause: P key
Switch weapons: 1-3 keys
Quit: Esc key

|*| Developer's Comment |*|

Today I finished the game and I am so please to be able to upload it to Newgrounds! Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions please let me know; I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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Relitively good,

I have no complaints I like the mixture of the game, Space, and Avoid game, It's certainly has a challenge and is a fun game, I like the mix of Retro and futuristic style, Good Game, Keep it Up.

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Calipe responds:

Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you have no complaints.

A Few Things to Clean up


Just a few issues:

- Your HUD is way too busy. Find a way to reduce the clutter by not showing so many numbers. Use little icons or graphics where you can.

- You're going retro with your main menu selection (using arrow keys and enter). That's fine, but in the submenus, you switch to mouse. Keep it consistent.

- When adjusting music volume, the bar moves and follows the x axis of my mouse, even without dragging it, not sure if that's by design or not, but you should just use standard controlling here. Of course, this note only applies if you allowed the player to use the mouse to navigate all the menus.

- Also, the music volume changes can't be previewed. Since the music is already playing, why not allow the changes to be previewed? The changes aren't acknowledged until the game actually starts.

- If I completely mute the music, then I get killed, the music starts up again...

- Is there a way to adjust options while in-game?

Graphics, control, and audio quality are fine.

- Ziro out.

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Calipe responds:

Thanks for your very helpful suggestions. I will definitely look into implementing them. It is with reviews like yours that we developers grow our skills.

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2009
8:14 PM EDT
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