Motion Maze

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Avoid the moving wall until it stops.

Use the arrow keys to move the player.

Coming soon:
+Glitches fixed
+Difficulty levels


somehow, i don't get it...

basically, if you move the box within an inch of the moving object, you lose. That glitch makes this game so pointless. I would suggest putting in a background so that it would be a little it more appealing. Please fix the glitches! also, phsycofrog is wrong that it is an AI. I am guessing it is just a motion tween moving around the stage with a collision detector. my advice is to put a lot more work into your games before you submit them.


there are to many glitches, the bar doesn't do anything most time, and sometimes you randomly die!!!!!

Keep it up.

Good concept but needs a little more work


I beat it. But the game no offence but...it sucks. Needs a timer. Needs to be longer. Needs WAAAAY better collision detection. Just keep Updating it and you'll be fine.

Fix the glitches first!

There's not much incentive to continue, or even to play (music would help in that regard, though), but what I did play was fun... until I realised the hit detection was off. Say I'm above the sliding bar when it starts to move down and I try to follow it, and I'll lose! There are some pixel-per-pixel hit detection routines out there if you look, like Grant Skinner's (Google for it), but you should be able to do better than this even with ActionScript's built-in. Give it some more work!

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1.53 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
11:56 PM EDT
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