Adventures of the Bandits

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Animation of my The Bandits characters made for my vocational school's Flash class and also my graduation work. It's my second Flash animation ever so give some mercy.

More adventures of the Bandits:
http://adventureislands.d eviantart.com/gallery/?93 78359#The-Bandits

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Wow! Nice Animation Your Animation's Theme Is Nice And It's So Funny!

It was great, but...

I really enjoyed this, however, the whole 'tweened' style of animation really made this hard to watch. It would have looked a lot better if this had been animated using FBF animation.

AdventureIslands responds:

I could try that with the next one, but personally I like it how it is.

oletko suomalainen

ihan hyvä

AdventureIslands responds:

Olen, kiitos.


Err, when you say you love old cartoons, I hope you're talking about 50 years old.
The sound effects were really irritating; I don't know why some flash cartoons sound like the sound effects were glued on to the surface while others seem seamlessly integrated. The animation was less than nothing special; I really don't think you had explain that you used copy/paste and tweening. It was pretty obvious. You clearly have skill, but this one was a kind of a flop in my book. The humor had no bite, the depiction of the Indians was impossibly out-of-date in it's stereotypicality, complete with horribly mixed characteristics of dress from groups 1000's of miles apart (e.g. Apache headdress, Mohawk hairstyle), and it dragged on a bit too long, even after you've sped it up. Your skill and experience is clear, but I think your creative vision is misplaced and you're kinda lazy with the animation.
Sorry to be so harsh, it was actually a decent cartoon, it just has these shortcomings that stop it from being anything striking. I do understand you had a limited timeframe, but I saw much better final work from students at the Art Institute in Atlanta, so I know it's possible in a comparable situation.
Also, I think my review is a response to its currently high rating which just seems terribly inflated to me next to submissions that I've seen get 9's before.

AdventureIslands responds:

Some people like the sounds how they are, I just fail to see what's wrong with them. I know it might be really simple animation compared to other schools of this art, but we have studied flash for only two months in these three years so no wonder if other studients of better bigger schools would do better. It's just a simple little animation not to be taken too seriously. I'm by no means very professional I know.

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
5:21 PM EDT
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