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Author Comments

Spring has come. Birds trill, trees try on their emerald dresses, and the sun slowly but surely makes the way through a grey veil of clouds.
It is a high time to recollect all good that the winter has presented to us, that is snow, Christmas, gifts and miracle expectation! Return a merry feeling of a holliday with this new amazing game! Put your gloves and scarf on and good luck!

Classic arkanoid rules. Controls: drag mouse left-right to move. Left click to activate some bonuses (i.e. rocket, magnet and so on). Space - pause game, S - switch sound on/off.


It's spring...

This is one of the games which gives me cold feelings, because the sun belongs to shine right now, when i'm playing this game i feel like i'm gonna get a cold !

It's not very original either, it's just another kind of crappy Arkanoid game...

The graphics were good, and the powerups to.

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A couple things are missing

Most notably is the lack of music. You're one of the rare breed of NGers who actually uses sound in their submission, yet you don't have any music to match the chill, wintery feeling of the game. What's up with that? Also, the game gets repetetive really fast. This can be attributed to two different things. The first is the fact that there's no power-ups. If you're going to make an arkanoid clone, you NEED to at least put in a laser power up. Where's my multiball, or fire ball, or paddle enlarger? They're not here. Also, the ball stays at the same speed the whole time. In other games, the ball very gradually gets faster, keeping you on your toes, and encouraging players to clear out all the blocks fast, before they get in over their head.

All in all, this game looks nice, but the gameplay could use a little tweaking, and definitely add music, if you can find any.

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Warlockus responds:

We have despaired to find the musician. Could you write some drums for us? We would share 9 cents earned for this game ;D

Still needs work.

The game looks nice for the most part, but could stand to play a lot better. the only visual complaint is that the ball is white on a very light blue background, which makes it harder to see than it should be. And I'm not sure if this is a complaint or not, but do the presents explode for any particular reason?

Perhaps it's to explain the ball's sporadic bouncing as, indeed, this is the killing factor on what could otherwise be a fairly enjoyable game - the ball bounces randomly, often hitting the left or right edge of the room and doing a complete 180 from its previous heading. The typical strategy and precise control and timing of your typical Arkanoid clone is replaced with just trying to hit a ball that seems only remotely under your control, and never in the expected ways. when I bounce the ball off the far right edge of the round paddle, it should not continue to head left without seeming so much as hindered. when it hits a wall, it should bounce off the wall at roughly the same angle it hit it, and likewise with the bricks/presents/explosive boxes.

And while collision hurts a lot, a less important but still annoying trait is the power-ups. while something like glue replacing expanded paddle is acceptable, the power-ups completely expiring so quickly they rarely get to be used is a bit harsh. I got glue at least five times before I realized that's what it was, as by the time the ball reached my paddle it had expired without ever being used. I thought it was just a free hundred points, or, since it did so one time, something that canceled other power-ups.

The basics are all here for this to be a solid Arkanoid clone, but considering the Christmas theme I don't understand why this seems to be so rushed out the door. It has a decent graphical presentation and the initial impression is good, but once the ball starts rolling things go downhill far too fast. Give it a little more care and try again.

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Warlockus responds:

As developers of this simply and alittle unsightly game we want to thank you greatly for such Constructive criticism! We love it!

p.s. Dont beat us to hard, please - this is our first game 8)


...oh well...game looks fine...but ball moves too slow...it's so boring...and from u get this motive...it's spring already ;> ...I don't know if there're any power ups cose I turn down game after few secounds...work on it...cose it' looks fine...nice thing with that branchez :P

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Warlockus responds:

The branches is only my idea. Others were stolen from original arkanoid :-[

Well it's arkanoid.

Well, it's more than what i would have done but:
Why th presents are exploding? This doesn't make any sense.
Design is really poor. If youre making presents make them colorful, make them spring with rainbows, make them fill my heart with hapiness.
And I supose the first arkanoid was more complex. Give uprgades, bosses and whatever. It's XXI century!

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Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
4:14 AM EDT
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