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My first game. I made a Eskiv clone game because I just love the game. The original was perfect except that it lacked highscore list.
So, except that I added a highscore list, I have also added a bonus ball coming up sometimes.
Now that the first game is ready, I will already start on a second which will include music, graphics and other fun games opportunities!


Not good.

Te graphics were bad, and there was a giant bug :
The balls don't bounce back from a corner

I liked the new Highscores list. but the bug facked it up.

oloflolof responds:

Thank you for reporting bugs!
Which version you are running the game? the latest is 1.035

I think i have fixed the mousclick before play bugg.

If you experience any ofhter bugs, please tell me. :)

It's addicting to anyone trying to get a highscore

like i said before, this will appeal mostly to people trying to get on the scoreboards.

there's a bug in the game besides the left clicking thing: when red balls spawn right next to the wall and they are moving vertically, they glitch and get stuck at the corners. I'm not complaining though ;D jus poitin out


It's enjoyable for a few minutes but gets boring pretty quickly. Adding powerups and whatnot always works to extend the time before you get bored. It's also horribly annoying that the red balls sometimes spawn directly on top, or close enough to kill you, especially since it for you is unavoidable. I'd suggest you to see if you could fix that. It also took me quite some time before I saw that there was a score counter up in the right corner, change color possibly?

For a first...

...not bad. It deliveres all it promises. One slight note: Before every game, you have to L-click your mouse on the screen to move your ball. Fix it. It's not good.
Otherwise, pretty neat. Keep it up, but don't make a clone next time. There are enough clones of clones etc on NG already ;) -ZC

oloflolof responds:

The mouseclick is a bugg with the mochiads version controll. Without version control it works perfect. So i have no idea to fix it.


Very simple but addactive game! Can't stop playing it.

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2.68 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
4:12 AM EDT
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