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Bunster da Easter Bun

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When I was young, at around Easter time, my dad would always joke about how we were going to eat the Easter Bunny for dinner. He'd then go on a mock hunt for him and we'd make a big deal about hunting down and killing the poor bastard.

So I made an animatic that I thought was amusing, and I cleaned it up only slightly, and had my buddy Nate Kantner do a little ditty for the soundtrack. Hope you enjoy!

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So much story with no words, only music and animation. I get a real Ren & Stimpy vibe from the art style and I love it.


it was ok

likes peixeaquatico

your animation like peixeaquatico
miss paint....or not

Nice and unpredictable

I really liked the animation that was used and even though it wasn't color, it could really tell a story. This reminded me a lot of the slapstick stuff in things like Looney Tunes. I was seriously not expecting that ending. I was thinking the bunny would either make the hunter look dumb or the boy would protect the bunny. I guess in today's age of cynicism, we need to remember the reality of our situations. The music used was also pretty rythmutic and fit the silly story well.

Way ta go, Dusty!

You sure are a Ren&Stimpy fan, are you?
Loved the cartoon, very expressive characters.
And I love me some wabbit in da pot, too!