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Stick (Threat Signal)

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It's my first submission and I'm kinda proud of it.

I made it for my 2D animation course in multimedia.

It's a stick battle for those who doesn't like MAC hehe (you'll get it if you watch)!

I'd appreciate some comments or ratings!
Thank you!

PS. I think the sound is a bit faster than the movie soo...sorry about that :S



This is promising, good work

blackrichard responds:

Thank you!


good quality, loud, no play button of obvious amounts

Pretty Good

The guns look awesome, but the arm movements could have been better, and an explosion at the end would look cool. And to make it so the sound isn't faster than the movie, when in flash, select the sound within the layer, go down to properties and set Sync: Event to Sync: Stream.

blackrichard responds:

Thanks for the review and the tip! I'll try that!

And I know ... I suck making arm movement hehe :P

got some work

Well, it seems you put in the effort of working with camera angles more than you did actually animating what was on stage. It was apparent you did not spend much time on walk sequences and general basic motions of the characters themselves.

Work on making your figures less rigid. They had the feeling of a second rate physics engine that gets the "E" for effort grade.

Slow down on your project. Take your time and work on detailing. Animating unfortunately improves exponentially with detailing.

Good effort, keep going and you'll get up there : ) even past stickmen potentially.

blackrichard responds:

Thanks for the review and tips :)

Pretty good

It's a good job for your first work... however, I dunno how many people will actually see it if it doesn't have a start button. Maybe it was just messing up on my computer, but I had to right click and press "play" for it to do anything. :S

blackrichard responds:

I'll put a play button but if you click the song name it works, thanks for the review :)

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2.85 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
12:13 AM EDT