Stick (Threat Signal)

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It's my first submission and I'm kinda proud of it.

I made it for my 2D animation course in multimedia.

It's a stick battle for those who doesn't like MAC hehe (you'll get it if you watch)!

I'd appreciate some comments or ratings!
Thank you!

PS. I think the sound is a bit faster than the movie soo...sorry about that :S


Not a bad first...

Not a bad first submission at all. To start with, I'll say that I see some pretty good potential here. I don't think it would be an overstatement to say that your animation skills are above par for a beginner.
My only issue with this flash, all things considered, is the "tempo" of which the action moves at. It just seems too slow! The gun fighting and the music seemed to fit well together, but it was a bit spoiled by the lethargic-ness of the animation. Try adding some quick movements in the fight scenes and fast camera changes and stuff like that to raise the intensity level a bit.
I liked the heavy choice in music, it fit the mood of the flash, for sure. I would try experimenting with a more music video oriented flash. Something with the same type of action, but more built around the music.
Overall, you've got a great foundation to build on with this. Not half bad for a first submission, keep it up!

blackrichard responds:

Well thank you for this constructive review ^^!

I know that I made mistakes and I haven't thought about making parts faster.

I'm starting to make another video of the song "Skeleton Dance" from Arch Enemy, so you'd be please to check on this one too when I finish it!

Thank you and sorry for my "not so bad" english...I'm from Quebec in Canada..I speak french :P

it was ok

it was good bad thing is that there was no play button im giving you and 8 maybe because i like fast and action things this one was kinda slow for me but i liked the stickmen blwing up the macs i hate macs lol

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blackrichard responds:

Thanks for the review, I did forget the "play" button so I'll put it right away with a preloader.

I don't like macs either :P


good job

nice job i congrat you

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blackrichard responds:

Thank you!

no explosion

it was ok need a explosion for the end

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blackrichard responds:

Hehe I know :P

I won't make this mistake again


Put Manger everywhere to make it good.

blackrichard responds:

Acutally, it was only a joke for my friends in my class...wasn't really something to make it better.

oh and as your information, Manger in french means "eating"

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2.85 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2009
12:13 AM EDT